CNN: Angry White Men are the Most Frightening Thing in America

“There’s nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man,” reads a CNN headline.

You come into a country of white men. You take everything from white men, you take their country, their work, their money, their women. You then attack and abuse them, say they need to be removed from society. Then you start talking about how dangerous they are because they’re angry you did all those things to them.

This agenda to demonize white men is getting a big boost in the wake of Kyle Rittenhouse getting boosted up out of the jail.

Embittered negro John Blake writes for CNN:

The specter of the angry Black man has been evoked in politics and popular culture to convince White folks that a big, bad Black man is coming to get them and their daughters.

I’ve seen viral videos of innocent Black men losing their lives because of this stereotype. I’ve watched White people lock their car doors or clutch their purses when men who look like me approach. I’ve been racially profiled.

It’s part of the psychological tax you pay for being a Black man in America — learning to accept that you are seen by many as Public Enemy No. 1.

But as I’ve watched three separate trials about White male violence unfold across the US these past few weeks — the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the Ahmaud Arbery death trial and the civil case against organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville — I’ve come to a sobering conclusion:

There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man.

It’s not the “radical Islamic terrorist” that I fear the most. Nor is it the brown immigrant or the fiery Black Lives Matter protester, or whatever the latest bogeyman is that some politician tells me I should dread.

It’s encountering an armed White man in public who has been inspired by the White men on trial in these three cases.

I’m not suggesting we start racially profiling White men. The vast majority of White men are no menace to society.

Countless White men swallowed tear gas and braved rubber bullets while marching with demonstrators during last year’s protests over the murder of George Floyd. Plenty of White men — like the Rev. James Reeb, a White Unitarian minister — died for Black people during the civil rights movement.

This angry White man has been a major character throughout US history. He gave the country slavery, the slaughter of Native Americans, and Jim Crow laws. His anger also helped fuel the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

It’s this angry White man — not the Black or brown man you see approaching on the street at night — who poses the most dangerous threat to democracy in America.

And it just goes on and on and on.

Here are few quotes from the rest of the article:

  • “Angry White men have damaged democracy”
  • “We have enough problems with White male violence as it is”
  • “Mass shootings in the US are committed more often by White men than by any other group”
  • “Top law enforcement officials now say the nation’s biggest domestic terror threat comes from White supremacists”
  • “Trump’s rise to power is inconceivable without his ability to tap into White male anger and embody it”
  • “White male anger could prove to be one of the biggest roadblocks we face in building a successful multiracial democracy”

There are no examples of successful multiracial democracies anywhere in history, but somehow John Blake knows that the road to his utopia is only being blocked by white men.

These people think that the most frightening thing in America is the kind of people who built America.

They can look at child trannies without uttering a single word in opposition.

But the moment they see a white man representing the true spirit of America, they lash out with gibberish.