CNBC Ratings in Full Collapse – Fox Business Rising Sharply

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2017

Here’s the thing: even if you are against Trump, fake news isn’t useful.

So even anti-Trump people would rather watch a pro-Trump network that is giving real information.


Fox Business Network topped CNBC in viewership during the business day for the fifth consecutive month, an illustration of dramatic growth at an upstart network that began operation a decade ago.

FBN averaged 218,000 viewers during the hours between 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. in February, an increase of 59 percent over February 2016. CNBC, meanwhile, dropped from 212,000 to 182,000 in the same measurement, Nielsen Media Research said.

Fox Business Network traces its surge to a decision in 2015 to load its daytime lineup with more of its most prominent hosts: Maria Bartiromo, Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto, Trish Regan and Liz Claman — all CNBC alumni. The network also takes a broader view of business news than its competitors; during Regan’s show on Tuesday, most of the talk was political, discussing President Donald Trump’s upcoming speech before Congress.

“We get that link between Wall Street and Main Street but, more importantly, to K Street,” said Cavuto, also the network’s senior vice president and managing editor, referencing the Washington, D.C. address of many lobbyists.

Trump’s election, and the recent stock market surge, have been tailor-made for Fox Business, he said.

There’s some question about whether Fox Business Network’s rise is at the expense of CNBC. Of the 4.5 million people who have watched at least one hour of Fox Business Network this year so far, 83 percent have also watched at least an hour of Fox News Channel, Nielsen said. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of those viewers said they watched at least an hour of CNBC.

Fox News isn’t great, but it’s 6 million times better than these hoax networks, which report fake news exclusively.

Fox has gotten a lot better since Trump won. They’re gotten rid of that silly stupid bitch Megyn [sic] Kelly, who has subsequently disappeared, and they generally have very little anti-Trump coverage.

I think Murdock was rooting for Clinton, but now that the election is over, they don’t have a choice but to be pro-Trump.