Clown World is Gone: You’re in the Bunny World Now

The absurd has turned deadly.

A black NFL player murdered a white family without the media making a scandal about it, and all the human rights organizations remain silent about the Capitol Stormers being tortured in prison.

It was fun for a time to point at the absurdity of what was being pushed into the mainstream. Men pretending to be women, looking gross while beating up real women in sports, women pretending to be men and failing miserably, people losing their minds over someone calling them the correct pronoun, old sluts crying because they’re no longer fertile, people throwing money at homosexual kid strippers, and more.

But now we’re past the point where what pushed these things has turned deadly in the literal sense.

The Mark of the Beast is coming.

Vaccination passports will determine who’s allowed to work, shop, buy, and sell, and people will be offered a brain chip so that both their right hand and their forehead are marked.

Following current trends, it is easy to imagine that anyone who refuses vaccinations will be treated as a terrorist who puts the population at risk.

Anything they’ve done with masks, they can do with vaccines, because the goal of masks and vaccines is the same. Resisting mandatory vaccinations will be harder after not resisting mandatory face masks.

There is no clown world anymore.

Only Jesus Christ can save you, because you’re in the Bunny World now.