Clown World: College Feminist Party Campaigns on Free Play-Doh and Legos

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2017

“I’m a STEM student – AND a feminist!”

Universities, ever since they’ve been put into a position where they basically have to accept anybody that’s applying, have turned into Mickey-mouse nonsense institutions. Most people studying in college today are learning about some variant of critical theory, gender theory, psychobabble and other absurdities thought up by Jews.

For a long time, though, the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) have been a safe haven of sanity.

But even they must eventually fall.

Slowly corrupted by feminism and other SJW ideas, even the venerated STEM programs are now filling up with airheads, rabid feminists and all sorts of brown people with a chip on their shoulder.

As such, even engineering schools are now starting to look more like kindergartens full of dumb kids rather than austere institutions of learning.

Campus Reform:

Two feminist freshmen at Columbia University are campaigning for the class presidency by promising free “Legos, Bubble-Wrap, and Play-Doh” to classmates.

Oh, how far things have fallen.

STEM department, 1950.

STEM department, 2017.

Michael Shamma and Riya Desai, who together are running as “The STEMinists,” hope to become the Class President and Vice President of the freshmen class at Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), the undergraduate school of engineering at Columbia.

“Do you want Legos, Bubble Wrap, and Play-Doh?,” asks their campaign flyer, which is posted around campus. “If so, vote for the STEMinists.”

Desai and Shamma, both freshmen who met through a mutual friend, vow to help students enjoy a “fun and memorable time” at Columbia by hosting de-stress events involving games and toys, so long as they are “academically relevant.”

What games and toys are “academically relevant” to studying molecular biology, electrical engineering or computer science?

I mean, everyone needs to relax once in a while. But you can’t learn serious topics like the ones mentioned above without studying at least 3 hours a day, everyday, for a few years.

People who are obsessed with having a “good time” while in college have no chance of making it. That’s why STEM programs have traditionally been almost entirely composed of White males and Asians.

Desai, who hails from Cleveland, Ohio, told Campus Reform that while the STEMinists didn’t originate with feminist intentions, they’re still oriented towards women’s empowerment.

“Our name STEMinists came from the face that we are all engineers. We all take STEM courses,” Desai explained. “Many people thought it was a play on feminism, and so it wasn’t intentionally meant to be, but now looking at it, there’s a lot more women in engineering.”

If elected, the duo hopes to sponsor events partially focused on feminism, but mostly focused on having fun, Desai added, saying, “We really want to reach out to the freshmen class, and let them know that school has a fun side to it. We will, as a party, promise to create a fun environment.”

Learning quantum physics, one ball at a time.

Here’s an insight that could save your life some day: if you ever come across a bridge that was designed by one of these “play-doh, feminism and fun” STEM students, don’t cross it.

We might be the last generation that enjoys the benefits of reliable technology and infrastructure. I don’t know what the iPhone 11 will look like, but I’m pretty sure the iPhone 25 will be made out of legos and styrofoam wrap, as that’s apparently what these new STEM kids are using to “build their projects.”