Clown-Wing Activists at Georgetown University Vote to Tax Students, Hand Out Reparations!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2019

This is unironically good news.


Georgetown University might not be here today if the Maryland Society of Jesuits who oversaw the school hadn’t sold 272 slaves.

The university was one of the Jesuits’ most ambitious projects. The revenue from the 1838 sale, which amounts to about $500,000 today, was used to sustain the school financially and pay off its debt.

Now, some Georgetown students are trying to institute a reparations fund for the descendants of the slaves who were sold.

A group known as the GU272 Advocacy Team has pushed through student government a bill that would create a new $27.20 fee every semester for all Georgetown undergraduates. The fee would go toward a reconciliation fund, which would be overseen by a board of students and descendants of the 272 slaves sold in 1838.

They estimate the fund would generate more than $400,000 a year and would “be allocated for charitable purposes directly benefiting the descendants of the GU272 and other persons once enslaved by the Maryland Jesuits,” according to the bill.

Georgetown University is an interesting case study. In terms of ideology, it’s neo-liberal. Case in point, Bill Clinton went there.

Universities like Georgetown are basically just shill-factories that churn out wonks who go on to serve the swamp with distinction. That is to say, the average Georgetown student ends up becoming a clever nobody working in Washington, DC upon graduation.

This is an important point though: schools like Georgetown aren’t Clown-Left.

Often on the right, we see the most egregious examples of political correctness and SJWism emanating from Western universities and we think that all universities are like that. On some level, they are. But there are varying shades of crazy at work here and you gotta learn to be a connoisseur of crazy in clown world.

Places like Georgetown are places that pay homage to the Clown-Left, but still, focus on producing competent cadres for ZOG.

You can have a certain percentage of people be clowns on HRT out in the streets beating up white people and toppling statues, sure, but you also need more or less mentally-sound people in the bureaucracy capable of running the whole evil empire.

  • Someone needs to be working for the FBI to spy on WokeWhites in West Virginia.
  • Someone needs to work for the CIA droning people they don’t like abroad.
  • You also just need bodies in business suits pushing paper and looking important in all those marble-columned and brutalist-style buildings in Washington.

It’s uplifting and heartening to see the crazy side of the left seeping into the territory of the sane, more Machiavellian side of the left.

Because let’s be honest here, the right doesn’t really have a chance at restoring order in America.

We… well, we tried. We really did try. 

But everything that we want to do, the Left can do better at this point.

So I say we let them.

Let the Clown-Left do all the work for us.

Let them take over the hallowed halls of bureaucrat preparation and let them sabotage the production of WONKmen that the empire needs to work long hours for $50k a year out of ideological fervor and misplaced patriotic sentiment.

Let them push for secession! California is about to have its own Catalonia moment as hordes of LARPing students begin demanding that the US government recognize Libshit Utopia and allows them to cast off into the Pacific Ocean. Then let them do the same in Cascadia!

Let them sabotage every institution of control that the system needs to keep us down! More women of color creating eavesdropping algorithms in the NSA! More mentally-stable trannies deep-cover informant operations in the FBI! #MeToo the CIA! Still waiting for the first trans-abled Army Super-Soldier of the future!

This is the accelerationism that can work. That is, Lefty accelerationism is the one that will bring the system down under the weight of its own contradictions.

Lefties have media support, vast support networks and they aren’t being censored. 

They are uniquely placed to destroy the system with their demands because the neo-liberal types are powerless to stop them for long. The Clown-Left has the moral high ground. And they’re a far more effective wrecking ball than we are at this point.

Funnily enough, where we see ZOGmerica, they see Amerikkka.

And with no more Nazis marching in the streets, they’ll turn their attention inwards now. We saw the first salvo of this war in 2015-16 between the Bernie far-left and the Hillary neo-liberals.

I unironically cheer for the Clown-Left now.

With any meaningful right-wing force in America out of the picture now, we will now have a Clown-Left/Neo-Lib civil war.

The Clown-Left is also remarkably effective at scaring Normiecon Whites and radicalizing them. Crazy demands like “reparations for all black people” are sure to make Boomers – who think with their wallets – to sit up and take notice.

It’ll make all normie Whites a bit uneasy. 

The Neo-Lib left would have never been this brazen and crazy. Only the true-blue fanatics could have come up with something so fantastically unpopular.

Frankly, I think we owe the Clown-Left a big thank you for the accelerationism and the balkanization occurring in America today!

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