Cloudflare Serves US-Banned Foreign Terror Organizations While Denying Service to Daily Stormer

Daily Stormer
December 17, 2018

Serving millions of viewers monthly, The Daily Stormer serves a bigger audience than Der Stürmer at the height of NSDAP power. After Charlottesville, the powers that be used the social capital they gained to try to destroy the most successful and influential dissident right publication in the history of man. There was a concerted effort by the Jews to have us denied access to the most basic infrastructure that it takes to operate a web company. DDoS mitigation and CDN provider Cloudflare joined dozens of domain registrars, national governments, and ISPs in attempting to shut down The Daily Stormer. It was the largest and most extensive act of censorship in the history of man.

Of course, these companies have no qualms with doing business with actual, literal terrorist organizations who have such an extensive record of violence that they are listed by the US Treasury and State Department as banned entities.


At least seven of Cloudflare’s customers are under sanctions by the US Treasury Department, and six are on the US Department of State’s list of foreign terrorist groups.

One of the groups named in the report is the Taliban, which isn’t on the State Department’s foreign terrorism group list. Also named in the report are several Palestinian groups, al-Shabaab and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, all of which are on the list. The designation is meant to make things like international commerce and travel harder for the groups on the list.

The Taliban isn’t on the State Department list, but is on the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control ban list. Al-Shabaab is a Somalian terrorist organization responsible for hundreds of deaths. The Kurdish PKK is a communist terror organization responsible for decades of kidnapping, murder and narcotics trafficking.

Of course, the liberal media is pushing this line because they want a central point of government control where they can quickly shut off all services assembly line style to any kind of wrongthink on the Internet. They do not care about terrorism, or else they would be expelling all Moslems from our countries. But it just goes to show you what the priorities are in this situation. Talking about Islamic terrorism is just a way to try to bully “conservative” administrations into giving them what they want. But they didn’t care about mass murder, or display any sense of urgency in lobbying for the removal of terrorists. The single most urgent thing they want removed from the Internet will always be The Daily Stormer.

It’s an issue the company has faced in the past. Cloudflare faced scrutiny in August 2017 for providing — and then ending — services to the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer. The controversy started after other web service companies, like GoDaddy and Google, removed their support for the website a few days earlier, in the aftermath of the Charlottesville demonstration and death of counter-protester Heather Heyer. The Daily Stormer published an offensive article about Heyer, and tech companies began to stop providing the website with internet services.

At the time, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said in a statement the company doesn’t pick and choose its customers based on their ideological beliefs. However, the Daily Stormer had gone too far by spreading rumors that Cloudflare supported its neo-Nazi ideology, he said.

No media Jews have ever called this guy on his obvious lie. We never said Cloudflare supported neo-Nazi ideology. We don’t even know what “neo-Nazi ideology” is, besides agreeing with anything that your great-grandfathers would have called common sense.

If it was about any alleged statements which we did not make, why did it happen at the exact same time as dozens of other Internet providers? Why does Cloudflare need to make this absurd public claim? Instead their CEO should be honest and just say the Jews made him do it.

Jews have cornered control over the Internet and the increasing abuses and deplatforming of those that disagree with their media will continue until Jewish leaders, the Kohanim, are taught a hard lesson they won’t forget.