Cloudflare Removes Ability to Block LGBT Content, Wants the Gay to Spread Everywhere

At this point in time, any company will bow to any demand.

Cloudflare used to be one of the good ones. Then in 2017, they banned the Daily Stormer. At this point, they’re just another group of faggots.

The Register:

Cloudflare’s internet filter service Gateway will no longer offer to block LGBTQ content, with the biz saying it was all an accident caused by one or more third-party suppliers.

It kicked off when Henry Cole, a UK-based IT analyst, challenged Cloudflare on Twitter. He said that when he was configuring a DNS policy for Gateway to block websites by content type, one of the “Society & Lifestyle” categories that could be filtered out was LGBTQ. Gateway can be set up by organizations to monitor and control their users’ traffic, so that malicious content is blocked, problematic uploads are stopped, and so on.

“Swap LGBTQ for Black or any other protected characteristic, and you can see that this really doesn’t look great on you,” he wrote.

Cloudflare quickly agreed. SVP Dane Knecht thanked Cole and said, “That shouldn’t have been the case. We’re removing [it] now. I will update the thread once it has been rolled out.”

Knecht blamed third-party vendors for the snafu. “We don’t categorize sites internally,” he said. “We purchase categorization from several external sources.”

Cloudflare did not respond to a request for comment, and no thread update has yet to be posted, but “LGBTQ” is no longer available as a Gateway DNS Content Category setting.

Nonetheless, current menu options might still be worth reviewing. Providing customers with the ability to block access to information about “Abortion” or “Religion,” for example, seems controversial, particularly from a company that has championed free speech and tried to avoid content policing.

In a phone interview, Alexis Hancock, director of engineering with the EFF’s CertBot project, told The Register that while this incident was dealt with quickly, it’s still significant given Cloudflare’s size and reach.

Keyword and content-based filtering, she said, has proven problematic over the years, particularly when governments have become involved and tried to force organizations and individuals to censor certain terms.

“This automated list included LGBTQ and something like that can have direct consequences on that group,” she said.

There are all kinds of reasons people would want to block gay anal propaganda. Number one, they might want to protect children.

But with the government now actively and aggressively trying to turn children into child homosexuals via the Tranny Agenda, wanting to protect children from homosexual propaganda and pornography is now considered evil.

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And of course, simply saying “I’m not into gay stuff” is no longer any kind of excuse. Only a hater would not be into gay stuff. If you’re not full anal, then you’re no different to Adolf Hitler.

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