Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince Moves to Make All Internet Infrastructure TRUE NEUTRAL

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2017

I do not think Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince is a Nazi. I do, however, believe he is a genius.

When he initially dropped the Daily Stormer, he said it was because “we” said he was a secret Nazi. As a reference for this, he found a random comment in the comments section. I don’t believe he thought we thought this, I don’t believe he thought that the excuse made any sense. It was a purposefully stupid excuse.

He has since offered a series of stupid excuses, ranging from moral to financial, as to why he would only drop us and no other site.

The actual reality here – I believe – is that as an infrastructure provider, he understands that he cannot be expected to cut off any content that creates outrage. All censorship is a slippery slope, which is why the concept of “free speech” exists. And if he starts censoring, there is no potential end to it. As we have seen with the ADL’s requests against social media companies, every time they make a move to censor, the answer is “this isn’t enough.”

None of these companies want to deal with this. That doesn’t make them secret Nazis, it just makes them businessmen.

Hell, it was only like two years ago that Mark Zuckerberg straight-up told the ADL that Holocaust denial and Jewish ritual murder truth don’t violate their ToS.

Because there is no realm in which hopping on the slippery slope of censorship is good for anyone on the internet.

These companies want the government to regulate content, and the only potential regulation that the US government could make is based on the First Amendment.

We were dropped from Cloudflare by Matthew Prince specifically because we are a popular, legal website that was in the middle of a gigantic media storm.

It was the perfect time to “start a conversation” about the role of private companies in silencing political dissent.

And if you can get that conversation started, it can only end one way: with the government saying “you don’t have a right to silence people based on political ideology, you have to stop doing that.”

The Daily Stormer being shut down was cited in the recent FCC filing condemning Net Neutrality. And indeed, the concept of Net Neutrality became nonviable as soon as GoDaddy, Google, Cloudflare, etc. moved together to silence my protected political speech. They can’t claim that they’re against charging for bandwidth because it might maybe lead to censorship of political dissidents when they are actively using their own mechanisms to silence political dissidents. The argument becomes gibberish.

And the solution which allows the free market to operate efficiently AND prevents censorship is to just say “it’s against the law to use natural monopoly control of internet infrastructure to deprive people of their First Amendment rights.”

If such a law exists, then the entire concept of net neutrality becomes nothing more than a rent-seeking scam by Netflix to prevent Comcast from charging them extra at the expense of the development of our nation’s internet infrastructure (which isn’t even 15% as good as China’s, by the way).

Prince’s recent interview with Ars Technica shows very clearly where he’s coming from. Note that he did this AFTER the FCC filing. He also flew to DC to discuss this stuff with the government. So he’s openly fighting – as it were – in our corner. Of course, this is “strange bedfellows” type politics – AGAIN MATT I DON’T THINK YOU’RE A NAZI AND THAT CLAIM WAS DEFAMATION – I ASSUME YOU’RE A RELATIVELY UNEMOTIONAL, NONPOLITICAL, PRAGMATIC BUSINESSPERSON.

But just for the record, I think that will be the type of person who we have an easy time working with when we seize state power. Goy moneymen tend to be easy to understand and work with.

He’s a very, very smart guy.

Despite the hell I’ve been through – respek.

Ars Technica:

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince hated cutting off service to the infamous neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer in August. And he’s determined not to do it again.

“I’m almost a free-speech absolutist.” Prince said at an event at the New America Foundation last Wednesday. But in a subsequent interview with Ars, Prince argued that in the case of the Daily Stormer, the company didn’t have much choice.

Cloudflare runs a popular content delivery network that specializes in protecting clients from distributed denial-of-service attacks. The Daily Stormer published a post mocking a woman who was killed during the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville, Virginia in August. That had made a lot of people angry at the Daily Stormer, attracting massive attacks on the site.

The Stormer was a Cloudflare customer. Cloudflare had ample technical resources to battle DDOS attacks. The problem was that other Cloudflare customers started calling and threatening to cancel their service if Cloudflare didn’t cut the Daily Stormer off.

“The pressure to take it down just kept building and building,” Prince told Ars. “We thought that was the wrong policy. We reached out to various civil libertarian organizations and said we need some air cover here. People said ‘we’d rather not stick our necks out on this issue.'”

So, Prince said, “we needed to change the conversation.”

Prior to August, Cloudflare had consistently refused to police content published by its customers.

Last week, Prince made a swing through DC to help ensure that the Daily Stormer decision does not, in fact, set a precedent. He met with officials from the Federal Communications Commission and with researchers at the libertarian Cato Institute and the left-of-center New America Foundation—all in an effort to ensure that he’d have the political cover he needed to say no next time he came under pressure to take down controversial content.

The law is strongly on Cloudflare’s side here. Internet infrastructure providers like Cloudflare have broad legal immunity for content created by their customers. But legal rights may not matter if Cloudflare comes under pressure from customers to take down content. And that’s why Prince is working to cultivate a social consensus that infrastructure providers like Cloudflare should not be in the censorship business—no matter how offensive its customers’ content might be.

Prince’s visit came in the midst of the network neutrality debate. Cloudflare supports network neutrality—it even offers customers an option to display a pro-net-neutrality page to visitors—and Prince argues that people should think of Cloudflare as a neutral infrastructure provider like Comcast or Verizon.

In theory, Comcast could blacklist hate sites, preventing its broadband customers from accessing them. But nobody gets mad at Comcast for declining to do that. In fact, lots of people think it should be illegal for Comcast to block websites based on their content (and current FCC rules prohibit such blocking).

I think he thinks the exact same thing I wrote about – that that current conception of “net neutrality” becomes a pointless government handout to Google and Netflix – a handout stolen from Comcast – if everything is neutral. The free speech argument is a conspiracy theory tacked on to Silicon Valley companies using the state to benefit them.

Of course, Prince in particular doesn’t benefit from this, given the nature of Cloudflare, and I think he – like the American people – would rather have investment going back into our internet infrastructure.

Prince isn’t advocating FCC regulation of Cloudflare, but he argues that the same principle ought to apply to his company. In his view, it’s not right for a largely invisible Web infrastructure company like Cloudflare to be deciding which websites people should be allowed to read.

Prince says that when the Southern Poverty Law Center—one of the leading groups pushing to take down the Daily Stormer—says, “here’s the next site that you should take down, I will say, ‘dear SPLC, meet Cindy Cohn over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, you guys should have a conversation, tell us what we should do.'”

Cohn is the executive director of the digital civil liberties group and was the co-author of a blog post defending free speech in the wake of Cloudflare’s Daily Stormer controversy. Prince is working to develop relationships with digital rights groups like EFF and New America so that he gets more “air cover” the next time he faces pressure to censor controversial content. Vocal support from groups like EFF and New America, he hopes, will cause major Cloudflare customers to think twice before pressuring the company to get into the censorship business.

Just for the record, (((Cindy))) did write an article saying it was wrong for them to take my site down, but when I emailed the EFF, she didn’t respond to me directly and I was told by some Pajeet that there was no way for me to have a conversation with her. So far, the EFF has done nothing to help us other than say “dat be bad 2 do.”

The EFF is thus in my view a once well-intentioned company that has been taken over by Jews and made inept.

So we don’t need the SPLC talking to them, the SPLC will just win and Cindy will say “oh well, at least I tried, goyim – what else can I do with these millions of dollars my company is sitting on but nominally disagree with some of my tribesmen???”

Also just for the record (for the not tech-inclined), Matthew Prince cutting Cloudflare is not the major DS censorship issue. The major censorship issue is the denial of a domain registrar, which was done by GoDaddy, Google and then an entire chain of I think 20-odd other companies and countries.

Matthew Prince just happens to be the biggest goy on the block who is willing to stand up and say “look, I don’t give a fuck about this shit – I don’t want people fucking with my money because of their childlike feelings.”

Most Importantly

We are going to win this.

We will return triumphantly to DAILYSTORMER DOT COM in the not too distant future, and there will be legal protections saying that it cannot be shut down simply because the content hurts people’s feelings (obviously the real reason is Jews – but Jews use people’s emotions to get their agenda through).

I am 100% confident of this.

I don’t know how long it will take. The government moves slow, but Trump has been injecting NO2 into it. So we’ll see.

The hardest part – the grind we’ve been through to stay up for the last four months – is done. We now have a system where it is taking longer to shut these sites down, we have a system to get them back up quickly, we have a system where people can find us when we go down (just in case you haven’t already, bookmark my Gab page – it always has the live version of the site at the top).

We’ve kept our audience, we’ve monumentally multiplied our cultural relevance, we’ve become infamous and will be repeatedly cited as an example of what can go wrong when corporations have the power to silence political dissidence as the framework upon which the internet becomes more free is worked out.

Being the only legal site to ever be banned from the internet is a big deal. It is a major accomplishment. One of the greatest accomplishments of this site.

We are going to win monumentally.

It will have been worth the hassle (unless your name is “weev” – in which case you might have preferred the steady progressive growth model).

Hail Victory.