Clothing Line Pulled from UK Department Store Over Complaints of Nazi Logo

Daily Stormer
March 8, 2014

Funny that it is cool for it to be pornographic, but not Nazi.  Which has harmed society more: porno or Nazi imagery?
Funny that it is cool for it to be pornographic, but not Nazi. Which has harmed society more: porno or Nazi imagery?

A clothing line has been pulled from the Fenwick’s Department Store in the UK due to its logo allegedly resembling a Nazi eagle.

From the Independent:

Boy London, whose products are worn by celebrities including Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and Jessie J, dismissed complaints that its trademark logo of a spread-winged eagle perched on a podium had appropriated the fascist Third Reich’s Parteiadler symbol.

The brand, founded during the punk era, has been subject to a social media campaign urging shoppers not to wear merchandise displaying its eagle logo.

The campaigners argue that Boy London adapted the striking image of the eagle, which is depicted holding a swastika in its claws in the Nazi image.

The Fenwick store in Brent Cross Shopping Centre, north-west London, withdrew the brand from its position at the store entrance, after being alerted to protests by the Jewish Chronicle.

Shoppers said they were “shocked” and “offended” to find prominent stores retailing the brand.

A Fenwick spokesman said: “Our Boy London line is no longer on the shop floor as we investigate the matter directly with the brand.”

Asos, the online fashion retailer, is considering its position after protestors launched a petition urging the distributor to stop selling the “eagle” merchandise.

An Asos spokesman said: “If there was any significant indication that we were upsetting our customers, we would review our position robustly.”

However Boy London rejected any linkage with Nazi symbolism. A spokesman said: “The brand is in no way connected to Nazism or the idea of anyone being discriminated against for their creed, colour or religious beliefs.”

The eagle logo was “inspired by the eagle of the Roman Empire as a sign of decadence and strength. Its aim is to empower people rather than oppress.”

Sharon Lee, a Brent Cross shopper, had complained to Fenwick about the Boy London display.

She told the paper: “I’m the child of a Holocaust survivor and have seen my father’s papers stamped with the Nazi eagle – so I know what it is. I was so shocked when I saw it in Fenwick. It’s 100 per cent offensive.”

They were right to pull it. This logo is like the Holocaust all over again.