Clip of “Alt-Right” Leader Richard Spencer Endorsing Vaccine and Praising Fauci Goes Viral

A clip of the bizarre former leader of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, mocking people who are skeptical of forced vaccination and praising the lead coronavirus hoaxer Anthony Fauci has gone viral on Twitter, as many people begin to ask what kind of agenda former members of the Alt-Right have in offering such vitriolic support for the coronavirus hoax and the government response to it.

The video was originally tweeted out by @BaronStrucker and was then retweeted by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.

The first clip in the compilation features Spencer on a YouTube show, being asked if he will take the coronavirus vaccine.

“Yes,” Spencer answers, grinning smugly. “I don’t think it’s going to poison me or make me autistic or whatever.”

The screen then shows an insert, reading: “Richard Spencer is eager to receive an injection from the same government which has been replacing white people for the past 50+ years. He condescendingly smirks at the notion of being skeptical.” This is a precise description.

Spencer and other members of the Alt-Right used to be in opposition to the government and its agenda. As they have transformed into open Neo-Nazism, they’ve become increasingly supportive of the government and the establishment in general. This has culminated with the entire body of persons who formerly made up the Alt-Right going all in on not only supporting the entire lockdown agenda, but viciously mocking anyone who would dare question it. Much of the pro-government propaganda these people are putting out is even more extreme than what you will find on CNN.

The clip then features a chart showing the replacement of whites in America, alongside Bill Gates talking about shooting chemicals into the veins of children.

This is followed by a second clip of Spencer, saying, “I would say that of all the people that have been paraded before us in these emergency, these daily emergency briefings, certainly the one I’m the most interested in, he’s certainly the most intelligent, you know, thoughtful, scientific-minded person, and, and so I don’t, I don’t quite understand this right-wing obsession with Dr. Fauci, I mean, I would prefer that someone like that make decisions.”

Anthony Fauci is personally responsible for all of this, having made the outrageous claim that Neil Ferguson’s math was correct and 2 million people would die in America if we did not shut everything down. Of course, the reason that people would die, according to Fauci and Ferguson, is that the hospitals would be overwhelmed and people would be unable to get treatment. This categorically did not happen. The hospitals have remained virtually empty throughout this shutdown, and most of them are ready to become financially insolvent due to having shut out most of their business in compliance with government mandate.

As you can see very clearly in Fauci’s own graph, presented to the public at a White House briefing, the original stated goal of the lockdown – and the meaning of the term “flatten the curve” – was to spread out the rate of infection, not to lower the total number of eventual infections. The singular goal, as clearly marked in the graph, was to prevent the healthcare system from being driven past capacity.

Despite the fact that it was perfectly clear by the second week of the lockdown that hospitals would not suffer an overload due to this disease, Fauci demanded that the lockdown remain in place without ever giving a specific reason for this beyond the claim that it would “save lives.” It is not clear how it would save lives, given that the virus will not simply disappear because we are sheltering in place, and anyone who would experience complications from the virus (the elderly and the chronically ill, almost exclusively) will have the same experience whenever the lockdown ends.

It is impossible for me to believe that anyone who has been following these developments could view Anthony Fauci as anything other than a fraud. This means that Richard Spencer has either not been following any of this, and doesn’t understand the basic concept of “flatten the curve,” in which case we have to ask why he is speaking on the topic, or he is lying, in which case we should ask why he would lie about something as important as this.

In the third clip, Spencer says, “I mean, Henry Kissinger articulated this quite well in the uh, Wall Street Journal a few days ago, writing about this, I think that this really puts the lie to this right-wing and MAGA conspiracy theory that this is all an NWO power-grab and they want to put you in prisons and we’re never ending the quarantine and they want to shut down the economy and so forth. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

I believe that this is the Henry Kissinger essay Spencer is referring to. I do not detect a lot of content in this piece. Kissinger basically says that the virus marks the breakdown of the old world order and we will need to defend “our values.” I find this to be rather inane, and it certainly does not do anything at all to address the assertion that this collapse was engineered as a power-grab by the governments of the West.

It is indisputable that a massive power-grab has taken place. We have had all of our basic Constitutional rights stripped from us, overnight. Massive spying apparatuses are being put into place. The government is passing laws that will allow for them to quarantine anyone they want to quarantine. Presently, we are all literally locked in our houses, because the government has decided that it is not safe for us to go outside, and somehow they now have the power to make decisions such as this for grown adults.

The economic collapse means that more than half of the population will be without work, and thus dependent on the government for the meeting of their most basic needs: food and shelter. There is no conceivable power that is greater than being able to decide whether or not people eat.

All of the Alt-Right is Supporting the Government

It is not simply Richard Spencer that is giving full and unconditional support to the US government as it takes all of our rights and destroys our economy in the name of fighting the spook that is the coronavirus. As I have done my best to document, every single person who was formerly associated with the Alt-Right, excluding only myself and Red Ice (who posted the above clip of Richard Spencer), have put their entire public platforms to work on supporting the government in this strange endeavor.

Mike Enoch of, an operation which has become virulently pro-government during this lockdown, has gone so far as to repeatedly insult anyone who dares to question what is going on. With vitriol, he has referred to the protesters as “white dumbasses,” which is very suspicious language for someone who claims to be an advocate for white people.

Tony Hovater, who became the leader of the “Traditionalist Worker Party” after Matthew Heimbach was fired for having sex with his mother-in-law and beating up his father-in-law (and party co-chairman and best friend) after he was caught, has claimed that we should obey the federal government until they start to burn us alive (at which point I think he is suggesting it will be okay to disagree with them).

In this tweet you can also see that Hovater is claiming that all the lockdown means is that Applebee’s is closed. That tweet is less than a month old. This was the entire pattern of these neo-Nazis: they were all at once both instructing people to do whatever the government said and claiming that there would be no economic fallout from the complete shutdown of the economy.

Mike Enoch was saying that the economic fallout would only affect “boomer 401ks,” and attempted to force-meme “stonks” as a way to mock people who were concerned about the economic fallout.

The meme failed, and soon it became clear that virtually everyone is going to lose their job as a result of this lunatic hoax. Enoch continues to this day to dissuade people from protesting against the lockdown, saying that the government is only concerned about their safety, and has suggested that they instead organize different protests aimed at begging the government to feed them.

It goes without saying that these people are ostensibly opposed to the US government, given that they are “neo-Nazis” in the purest sense of that term. In fact, they vaguely argue for armed revolution against the government, claiming that the entirety of America needs to be destroyed and replaced with a fascist state. Yet for some mysterious reason, they are going along with the biggest power-grab by any government ever in history. These are people who talk continuously about the Jews, yet they are siding with the Jews of MSNBC and mega-power Jews like Zeke Emanuel and Henry Kissinger.

If I had the time to pull the quotes, we could play a “who said it: Mike Enoch or Rachel Maddow?” game. But it would be a pointless game, because these two individuals are saying the exact same thing. Their statements are interchangeable.

What is going on here is inexplicable.

Watching neo-Nazis attempt to market themselves as guardians of the establishment narrative is one of the most unnerving things I’ve seen in my life.

Anywhere that any of these people show up on the internet, they are confronted by a mob who are angry that they have supported this ZOG lockdown agenda. They cannot block people on Twitter fast enough to cover up all of the negative responses they are getting from their former supporters. If you don’t believe me, go question them on Twitter. Everyone gets banned. After this lockdown began, deleted their forum – which was already exclusive to paying subscribers to their podcast – because too many people were asking questions.

(For the record, unlike neo-Nazis, I am not allowed on Twitter at all, but I do post on an open forum, Gamer Uprising, where anyone can log in and comment. Almost no one gets banned.)

This is Surreal for Me Personally

From right: Mike Enoch, Matt Heimbach and Richard Spencer. Andrew Anglin was the only key figure in the old Alt-Right who was not significantly overweight.

If I may simply speak frankly: this has been incredibly surreal for me personally.

I was in a “movement” with these people a few short years ago. Since Charlottesville happened, I have watched with bafflement as they all began to transform into something very different than what they were before. They slowly began promoting hardline, unironic neo-Nazism. They also began to associate with the known and self-admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell, after he admitted to turning over two days’ worth of video taken at Charlottesville to the FBI and giving testimony against participants in the rally, several of whom have been arrested and prosecuted.

Then in September of last year, I was sent a podcast that featured Jayoh De La Rey, the man who does security for the real life meetup groups of, where he said candidly that he was arrested by the feds for selling heroin and agreed to become an informant. The podcast was recorded in 2012, so about three years before he became associated with

I was still in contact with Mike Enoch at the time, and after asking him what was going on, he blocked my number. I wrote an article about this, and Enoch refused to respond when his followers asked him about it, then finally claimed that I must be mentally ill and/or an SPLC agent for even asking why the person who controls all the private information of his groups is on a tape saying he made a deal to become an FBI informant.

At that point, there was no longer any doubt: at some point after Charlottesville, these people had all been flipped by the feds. There was no other conceivable explanation for this behavior.

This same group began attacking me earlier this year for opposing a “believe all women” agenda they were promoting. At that time I was not following any of these people, and was shocked to check their materials and find that they were aggressively supporting all sorts of mainstream media positions. I had understood that they were promoting basic neo-Nazism and plotting to overthrow the government, a basic fed technique for entrapping people, but no: they were promoting voting Democrat, promoting the most extreme Marxist forms of feminism.

Then came the coronavirus, and they became CNN. It is clear that this was on orders from their handlers, as it is statistically impossible that they would all, at the same time, come to the exact same conclusion about this virus and the lockdown and also all decide at the same time to block and mock everyone who questioned their position. There is also no other possible reason that they wouldn’t be able to at least suggest that it is possible that the hated ZOG might take advantage of the situation. They are all literally saying that we need to follow everything the government says and not ask a single question. They attack anyone who does ask questions.

Meanwhile, one of the other leaders of the neo-Nazi movement, Matt Heimbach, renounced “white supremacy” and joined antifa last month, in the middle of the lockdown.

I assume that the rest of these people will probably do the same soon enough.

I will never again associate with anyone who is non-Christian or fat.

It is indescribably bizarre to have known these people, and to have worked with them, only to then watch them all go on to become aggressive supporters of the establishment that they had sworn to fight. I have remained the same, as everyone who stood alongside me in 2016 has transformed into something unrecognizable.

I am left wondering: what’s next?

The Implications Here

I am not simply denouncing these people for the sake of denouncing them. There is a larger point I want to get across here, with regards to the big agenda at work with this lockdown. This regards the implications of the FBI sending these assets out to promote this hoax.

These former Alt-Righters have been sent by their handlers on a kamikaze mission. No one anywhere thinks that these people are still going to be able to maintain followings that they can get money from when this is over. They have so fully betrayed their audiences that there is no chance that anyone will remain loyal to them when the full consequences of this coronavirus hoax are revealed.

The fact that the FBI would burn these assets, who they’d previously been able to use for their various purposes, indicates that they do not foresee that they will need assets within the far-right in the future. That is an intense revelation. What it appears to imply is that they foresee a future where there is so much censorship that right-wingers are not even capable of posting their ideas on the internet. They may also be planning to have such an extreme police state in place that they are able to simply outright arrest people for their speech.

As Tucker Carlson revealed earlier this week, the massive spending bill that the Democrats in the House have put together, the “Heroes Act,” not only includes mass amnesty for illegal immigrants and money to bring in immigrants and to fund the marijuana industry, but also contains measures to censor speech on the internet (neo-Nazis apparently support all of that too, given that they are opposed on principle to questioning anything the government does to ostensibly manage the scary flu).

In the text of the bill, it states that $1 million will be allocated to “study” alleged “disinformation” related to COVID-19. What we are going to see with this “fight against misinformation” is the first step in moving control of the existing censorship machine from the tech monopolies to the government itself.

Of course, just as a bill to ostensibly save the economy from the effects of the coronavirus contains amnesty for immigrants, coming provisions against “COVID-19 misinformation” will contain provisions regarding anti-Semitism and other speech the government doesn’t approve of. Again, the US Constitution has been de facto abolished already, in one fell swoop. So removing First Amendment provisions is merely a matter of “when” and not “if.” The people who rule us have been upset that we’re allowed to speak about them for a long time, and now that they’ve seized total power, they’re not going to wait very long to remove that right from us.

What this neo-Nazi support for this hoax also indicates is just how wide-reaching and organized this lockdown operation is. Meetings were had at which it was requested that internet neo-Nazis of all people be delivered to support this hoax. I mean, talk about “pulling out all the stops.”

I wish I could say that I was happy to have these horrible fed-Nazis finally reach the point where no one is going to be paying attention to them, but given these implications, it’s a hollow victory.