Clinton Mega-Donors: A List of Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2016


Here’s a list of Hillary Clinton donors who have give $100,000 or more.

The Jewish nature of this list is mind-blowing, even for hardcore anti-Semitic conspiracy believers such as myself.

I mean, you would expect a goy or two to support her, but looking at this list, we see that over 70% of total contributions are coming from Jews.

Name Amount Given Place of Residence
Mr. Andrew Beck $100,000.00 New York, NY
Mr. John Vogelstein $100,000.00 New York, NY
Mr. Bernard L. Schwartz $100,000.00 New York, NY
Mrs. Ellen Susman $100,000.00 Houston, TX
Ms. Sandra A. Thompson $100,000.00 Woodside, CA
Robert Lee McKay $100,000.00 San Francisco, CA
Robert Roche $100,000.00 Oak Lawn, IL
John W. Rogers, Jr. $100,000.00 Chicago, IL
Elizabeth Steele $100,000.00 Shelburne, VT
Larry Birenbaum $100,000.00 Saratoga, CA
Joseph Kiani $100,000.00 Laguna Niguel, CA
Vincent Ryan $100,000.00 Boston, MA
Dr. Stephen B. Andrus $100,000.00 Cohasset, MA
David desJardins $100,000.00 Burlingame, CA
Floyd U. Jones $100,000.00 Lake Forest Park, WA
James D Sinegal $100,000.00 Issaquah, WA
James B Lovelace $100,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Alex Rigopulos $100,000.00 Watertown, MA
Chelsea Handler $100,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Robert Price $100,000.00 San Diego, CA
The September Fund $100,000.00
L PAC (Laura Ricketts) $100,000.00 Chicago, IL
Carol Lewis $100,000.00 New York, NY
Theodore Wells, Jr. $100,000.00 Livingston, NJ
Henry Crown & Company (Jim Crown) $100,000.00 Chicago, IL
Dr. Henry G. Jarecki $104,300.00 Rye, NY
Joseph W. Kaempfer $125,000.00 McLean, VA
Tulalip Tribe Of Washington $125,000.00
Mr. William E. Little, Jr. $150,000.00 New York, NY
American Association for Justice PAC (AAJ) $150,000.00 Washington, DC
Daniel M. Berger $175,000.00 Philadelphia, PA
Patricia R. Rooney $175,000.00 Pittsburgh, PA
T.B. Hagen $175,000.00 Erie, PA
Joseph M Field $199,999.00 Bala Cynwyd, PA
Mr. Wayne D. Jordan $200,000.00 Oakland, CA
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers PAC $200,000.00 Washington, DC
Scott Shenker $200,000.00 Palo Alto, CA
Edward Fearon $200,000.00 Dallas, TX
Marcia & John Goldman $200,000.00 San Francisco, CA
Mr. Paul Egerman $250,000.00 Weston, MA
Clifford Burnstein $250,000.00 New York, NY
Michael Sacks $250,000.00 Highland Park, IL
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees $250,000.00 Washington, DC
Evan and Sara Williams $250,000.00 San Francisco, CA
Christopher Angus Wurtele $250,000.00 Wayzata, MN
John C Law and Hope Warshaw $300,000.00 Santa Monica, CA
Samuel Rawlings Walton $300,000.00 Bentonville, AR
Haim Saban $333,333.33 Los Angeles, CA
Janet Kireker $370,000.00 Saint Augustine, FL
Mr. John Eddie Williams, Jr. $450,000.00 Houston, TX
Stewart Bainum $500,000.00 Chevy Chase, MD
Peter G. Angelos $500,000.00 Monkton, MD
IBEW PAC Educational Fund $500,000.00 Washington, DC
Communications Workers of America Working Voices $500,000.00 Washington, DC
Winthrop McCormack $500,000.00 Portland, OR
William H. Neukom $500,000.00 Seattle, WA
Barrett A Toan $500,000.00 Santa Fe, NM
Chong-Moon Lee $500,000.00 Portola Valley, CA
Tammy Murphy $500,000.00 Red Bank, NJ
Committee On Letter Carriers Political Education (Letter Carriers Political Action Fund) $500,000.00 Washington, DC
Timothy Collins and Andrea Collins and family $500,000.00 Bronxville, NY
Working for Working Americans (Carpenters) $500,000.00 Washington, DC
Dr. Reinier Beeuwkes, III $600,000.00 Concord, MA
Perennial Strategy Group, LLC (Lamel McMorris) $600,000.00 Washington, DC
Anne Earhart $650,000.00 Corona Del Mar, CA
SEIU COPE $1,000,000.00 Washington, DC
Mr. Stephen Robert $1,000,000.00 New York, NY
Mary and David Boies, Jr. $1,000,000.00 Armonk, NY
Dr. Amy P. Goldman $1,000,000.00 Rhinebeck, NY
Kareem Ahmed $1,000,000.00 Cucamongo, CA
Franklin Haney $1,000,000.00 Washington, DC
Mr. Sidney Kimmel $1,000,000.00 New York, NY
Laborers Union $1,000,000.00 Washington, DC
Mr. George Soros $1,000,000.00 New York, NY
Reid Garrett Hoffman $1,000,000.00 Mountain View, CA
Alida Rockefeller Messinger $1,000,000.00 Afton, MN
Mr. Donald & Shelly Rubin $1,000,000.00 New York, NY
Vinod Khosla $1,000,000.00 Portola Valley, CA
Mel Heifetz $1,000,000.00 Philadelphia, PA
William Maher $1,000,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Morgan Freeman $1,000,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Mark Pincus $1,000,000.00 San Francisco, CA
International Union Of Painters And Allied Trades Political Action Together Political Comm $1,000,000.00 Washington, DC
Terry and Susan Ragon $1,000,000.00 Cambridge, MA
Barbara Stiefel $1,050,000.00 Coral Gables, FL
Steven Spielberg $1,100,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Michael Snow $1,100,000.00 Wayzata, MN
S. Daniel Abraham $1,200,000.00 West Palm Beach, FL
UAW Education Fund $1,200,000.00 Washington, DC
National Air Traffic Controllers Association PAC $1,250,000.00 Washington, DC
Mr. David E. Shaw $1,375,000.00 New York, NY
Henry Laufer $1,500,000.00 Lake Worth, FL
Ann Wyckoff $1,500,000.00 Seattle, WA
American Federation of Teachers COPE $1,500,000.00 Washington, DC
Anne Cox Chambers $2,000,000.00 Atlanta, GA
Irwin Mark Jacobs $2,000,000.00 La Jolla, CA
Jon Stryker $2,000,000.00 New York, NY
United Association (Plumbers and Pipefitters) – incluing state/local checks they raised $2,965,000.00 Annapolis, MD
Jeffrey Katzenberg $3,000,000.00 Los Angeles, CA
Mr. J. Steve & Amber Mostyn $3,003,850.00 Houston, TX
Fred Eychaner $4,500,000.00 Chicago, IL
Mr. James H. Simons $5,000,000.00 New York, NY

The list was provided by hackers of the weird recent DNC hack (original link).

Someone needs to go through this list and figure out who is Jew or married to a Jew and who isn’t. As we know, you can’t always tell by the name, and I don’t recognize every single name on the list.