Climate Change Deadlier Than Coronavirus, Should be Treated Like Pandemic, University Says

It’s just like the movies!

Global warming is just like the deadly coronavirus pandemic!

Just like the cyber pandemic is just like the coronavirus!

All these crises are identical – and that is the real coincidence of the age.

Daily Mail:

Climate change is as much of an emergency as the Covid-19 pandemic and should be treated in the same way, says a report.

Governments should put out daily figures on how many deaths are being caused by adverse weather just like with Covid, researchers said.

The Glasgow Caledonian University study says that climate change, ‘despite ultimately being more deadly than the virus’, has ‘failed to elicit the same level of urgency’ among governments and civil society.

Researchers said there is a need to integrate Covid-19 recovery with climate action.

The research consortium included the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and academic partners in Africa.

Dr Mithika Mwenda, executive director of PACJA, said: ‘We are now past the point where we can address the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate emergency as separate crises.

‘This report shows that the pandemic has not only forestalled urgently needed action to halt and begin reversing global warming, but it has also worsened existing vulnerabilities to climate change, weakened the adaptive capacities of communities and countries, especially in Africa, and raised the cost of future climate action.’

This is Dr. Mithika Mwenda:

He’s got this figured all the way up and down.

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We need to put Dr. Mithika Mwenda in charge of the planet and give him full control over the climate – and by climate I mean people’s rights and freedoms, which is what people use to affect the climate.

It’s either that or facing the Geostorm.