CLICKBAIT FRIDAY: Man Impaled with a 4-Foot Pole Through His Groin!

Fash McQueen
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2018


Fox News:

Doctors in India saved a man who was impaled by a 4-foot poll that went through his groin.

Just the thought of having a 4-foot pole shoved through your junk…

But it’s even worse than that.

This wasn’t a run-of-the-mill dick-stabbing.

This was a total corn dog situation!

Salim Sheikh was working on a construction site when he slipped and fell, and a rod pierced him through the scrotum, going through the entire length of his body and emerging out his collar bone.

When Salim initially fell 9-feet at the site and was impaled, his co-workers rushed to cut the base of the rod and got him to a nearby hospital with the rod still in him. After stabilizing the 33-year old, he was sent to Mumbai’s JJ Hospital, 100 miles away, for further treatment.

Yeah, that’s one serious corn-dogging.

Released X-Ray from Mumbai’s JJ Hospital.

And the dude lived!

With an Indian doctor!!!

What’s going on here?!

I doubt these streetshitting saw-bones referred to some highly-specialized medical textbook that showed them some advanced medical procedure to avoid ripping this brown monkey’s guts out when they removed the rebar.

This is very suspicious.

So, I did a little research.

WARNING: DO NOT do a Google image search for "impaled Indian." Trust me. It's disgusting.

But, if you did, what you’d discover is that these curry-niggers are getting impaled all the time. It’s like a regular thing in India.

But, it never seems to kill them. Which is very, very weird.

Something is up with these pajeets.

Apparently, their internal organs have somehow evolved to dodge rebar and stuff.

So, if any of you hard-core motherfuckers out there are thinking that you’re going to go all “Vlad the Impaler” on these buttonheads when they eventually have to be dealt with — you need to think again.

These pajeets will just wriggle off that shit and come after you.

Apparently, the only way to get rid of an Indian is to burn it.

That’s what they seem to have to do to get rid of their uppity thots over there.