“Clean Gains”: Stupid Urban Myth or Diabolical Jew Plot?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2018

Okay, so here’s your standard internet article about “clean gains”:

Let’s analyze.

Firstly, that’s a nigger in a gym. Secondly, this article in “Men’s Journal” is written by “Kristen Dold.” Thirdly, is this website run by Jews?

Yes, of course this website is run by Jews. That was rhetorical.

I don’t know if Kristen Dold is a Jew, but it doesn’t matter – the only real difference between a Jew and a white female is that one deserves to be raped and the other deserves to be stuffed into a gas chamber. Their behaviors are otherwise generally the same, as Jews are embodiments of the feminine spirit.

Anyway, the article is what you would expect an article about men’s health to look like if it was written by a woman hired by Jews to write about men’s health. It’s the same bullshit we’ve all seen six gorillion times: “just eat nuts.”

She also says to do 15 rep sets (???) and also cardio (???) – while eating 3200 calories a day of nuts, vegetables and lean meat. Bitch also says to count the calories.

Kristen Dold is ready to tell men what to do in all aspects of life, including their gym routines. This is what happens when you let women out of the house.

I am calling bullshit on all “clean gains,” straight up.

Just in case someone isn’t following here – “clean gains” means “gaining muscle mass without gaining fat.”

Here’s your choices:

  1. You can eat healthy and stay lean and work for relative strength and eventually hit a diminishing returns wall where all your lifts plateau while never developing large muscle mass, just being fit, tone and healthy, or
  2. You can bulk and get fat and not do cardio while dumping shitty food on top of your basic diet

This whole idea that if you eat shitty food you will “crash” – which this bitch says in her Jew article – is mostly based on the fact that people replace meals with shitty food. If you’re eating all of your necessary vegetables and meats, strategically dumping a bunch of shitty food on top of it to purposefully gain fat will not cause you to feel terrible, as long as you don’t do it every single day and you don’t do it for very long.

Point being: if you have a healthy body and stable endocrine system and are on a good workout routine, it is virtually impossible to retain fat. If you don’t have the fat, you’re not going to gain muscle. It’s just not going to happen. Unless you’ve are either on drugs, have 20 hours a week to spend in the gym, or you just happen to have some kind of incredibly special genetics.

I am a paleo cultist, as it known. However, while paleo is obviously the healthiest standard diet, and the healthiest way to lose weight if you have extra weight, it is impossible for a modern person to gain muscle mass beyond a certain point by eating pure paleo, because you can’t gain fat on paleo and you can’t gain muscle mass without fat.

Do You Really Want Gains?

It’s a question I ask myself: what exactly is the point of gaining a body size beyond what is natural to you?

In actual reality, the paleo ideal should be enough for most people. Most people will just talk about Tyler Durden when they talk about an ideal body these days. You can do that cleanly.

All that is is toning out basic natural muscle mass and keeping body fat low by keeping testosterone levels high. That’s basically just what any man would have looked at between the ages of 15 and 45 at any point in history up until the second world war.

But remember: even if you are Tyler Durden, your wife will still leave you and take your kids and accuse you of abuse.

And if you’re Rich Piana, your gf will fuck niggers.

So whatever you do, you do it for yourself and not for women. Just wanted to add that. Because a lot of guys go try to get into shape to try to impress women and then it doesn’t work and they’re like “ugggghhhh.”

That isn’t to say you won’t get more of a response from women if you’re in shape. You will. It’s just probably not as big a difference as you think. A much a bigger thing than what you look like is your testosterone levels and the way those will change your behavior.

If You are Already Fat

There is a good chance you, reader, are fat by accident, since most people these days are fat by accident.

Statistically there is less chance you are fat than the average person, because fat causes female emotions, due to increased estrogen, and thus leftist political beliefs.

We all saw the Antifa who was arrested.


But here’s the thing I’m getting at here: if you are fat, then you basically have a kick-starter for getting jacked.

If you can get your testosterone activated, you can just transform that fat into muscle, and probably rather quickly. I think you can do it quickly. It shouldn’t take long.

Just get a 5×5 strength routine going, and clean up the diet.

I don’t understand why people don’t have clean diets anyway, unless they are trying to make gains, because otherwise what is the point? Apparently, people become addicted to food. I’m not really able to process that, but I am addicted to nicotine, so I get the general idea of addiction. I can also see how people can become addicted to alcohol though, and just can’t see it with the food.

Anyway – whatever. Don’t do 15 reps on your core lifts.

Men’s Health and Fitness Literature: Yet Another Jew Trick

This issue of fake information about men’s health and fitness goes far beyond the “clean gains” hoax.

The stuff that gets written on health websites is yet another Jewish trick. These sites are all run by Jews and apparently give men wrong information on purpose.

The food pyramid was also invented by Jews.

Actually it was technically invented by a Swedish woman, but like I say – white woman, Jew, same difference. I assume it was probably Jewish bureaucrats who brought it to America in 1992 (citation needed – I stick to the documented facts, but seriously, who else would do this?).

Even if we run with the assumption that health professionals had never sat and asked any questions about grains, putting fats and sugar in the same category is too stupid as to not be malicious. Also, putting sugar on there at all is lunacy – you might as well put cigarettes on there. At least nicotine does have some health benefits, whereas sugar has none whatsoever.

And why do they not put potatoes in their massive carb section? It looks like there is a potato in their vegetable section? Why?

I’ll tell ya what, they don’t promote this sort of gibberish in Israel.

The Israeli Jews have their own much more logical version.

If you’re fit and you’re not trying to lose or gain weight, then that Jew circle right there is about exactly right. I would remove that piece of bread and add meat in the eggs and fish section, but otherwise, it looks good.

It’s approximately six million times better than the illuminati food pyramid for dumb goyim.

Seriously – potatoes, people.

Who is the single most vigorous and accomplished group of whites?

The ones with the most virility?

What do they eat?

So listen:

I’m quitting writing about politics, starting today, and now only writing about men’s health.

So just read the normal news, and picture what I would say about it in your head. Or look at another neo-Nazi news site like Infowars.com.

Then come here for your health and fitness information.