Class Action Suit Against Apple Over Dangerous Stupid Watches

Buy a Swiss watch or buy a joke watch.

Don’t buy a “smart watch.”

This shit is gay.

You don’t need meeting reminders or news updates on your watch, you look like a fag.

New York Post:

The Apple Watch can leave consumers with serious injuries, according to a class-action lawsuit.

One man claims his forearm was “severely sliced” by the pricey watch after the glass screen popped out, leaving jagged edges, he complained in court documents.

Alabama resident Chris Smith, whose Apple Watch cost $359 plus tax, was golfing when the gory scene unfolded.

The cut slashed open a vein, according to the federal lawsuit filed this week in California.

The lithium-ion battery in the device is prone to swelling that can push out the screen, creating an “unreasonably dangerous safety hazard,” according to the litigation.

I wish Steve Jobs wouldn’t have died, or that when he did die they would have put like, Peter Thiel in charge of the company instead of “shove it up my ass” Rim Cook.

Rim’s philosophy of design is simple: “can I shove this up my rectum or into the rectum of a young boy?”

That’s why innovation at Apple has stagnated so badly that it is almost unbelievable. Friggin’ Facebook is now more innovative. Not to mention Tesla, even.

Frankly, Huawei and LG are now much more interesting than Apple.

Apple should be competing with Google, period. Instead, they’re a joke company that is totally incapable of doing anything even remotely interesting with their inexplicably overvalued stock.

It’s sad and it’s dumb.

Apple doesn’t even have any plans to do anything. They plan to just keep selling people the same cellphone over and over again. There is virtually zero improvement from the iPhone 6. Every addition has been a gimmick (other than if you want to take professional tier photographs, and I think anyone who wants to do that will just buy a real camera, and also, Huawei and Samsung both take better photographs than the iPhone 13).

In 2021, they finally released the M1 chip – which was planned by Steve in 2007.

Meanwhile, Linux actually is making major advancements, and Lenovo is all in on providing full driver support on most of their high-end machines.

If Steam manages to figure out how to run games on Linux – which they claim to have done, and which we’re going to find out more about soon – then both Apple and Microsoft are going to be irrelevant companies.

Huawei high-end phones are better that high-end iPhones and more secure. And 40% less in cost.

All of these bullshit fake companies are only successful because they are propped up by a corrupt US government system obsessed with rewarding anti-competitive behaviors.