Clarifications on the Ongoing Faggotization of the White Male

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2015

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Actually, it does.

Quite popular was yesterday’s piece on the faggotization of White males.  I want to add a few clarifications and elaborations.

Yes, We are Being Faggotized

Something is happening to cause the entire population of the West to undergo a chemical process of faggotization.  It is an objective reality, and all of us are affected by it and must consider it as we consider our lifestyles.

Scientific studies have shown repeatedly that testosterone levels are dropping from generation to generation. One such study conducted in 2007 by the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas and available at the National Institutes of Health website concluded:

These results indicate that recent years have seen a substantial, and as yet unrecognized, age-independent population-level decrease in T in American men, potentially attributable to birth cohort differences or to health or environmental effects not captured in observed data.

Many more such studies can be found by Googling around.

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Pattern detected.

What’s more, between 1938 and 1990, our sperm counts were halved. And they have continued to sink, though major studies on the issue have largely ceased.

It is simply a fact that the Western man is transforming, biologically, into something less than a man. This means it isn’t your fault, but you have been affected. We all have been.

Studies have shown that men with physical strength are more likely to hold right-wing views. So the shift towards liberalism in our society is clearly tied to biological faggotization.

Repeat after me: "I do not need feminism."
Repeat after me: “I do not need feminism.”

Recovering our masculinity needs to be a focal point, and a big part of it is basic chemistry.  How much of it is biology guiding psychology and how much of it is psychology guiding biology, I don’t know.  What I do know is that both are equally important, and closely linked, and clearing up both should be everyone’s goal.

The biological part can be fixed through diet and exercise, as well as being careful with chemical exposure.  The psychological part is much more complicated, but it is based in feminism and in order to rid yourself of it you must change both the way you view women and the way you view yourself as a man.

Feminism and the emasculation of men is absolutely the root of Jewish power, and by addressing it we are striking at the root of our greatest misfortune.


Anabolic Men is a pretty good blog on testosterone optimization, and they have an article on 9 foods which lower testosterone, and a list of 50 foods which increase testosterone.  Both are worth skimming through.  On the increase list, he has oats, which I don’t really agree with, but otherwise they’re both solid lists.

Soy is an important one to avoid, which I forgot to mention last time.  Though if you aren’t eating processed foods, you are probably avoiding it by default.  Virtually all processed foods contain it, however.  And it is a vicious poison.

I would also not recommend any form of bean.  There just isn’t any reason to eat them.

Best thing is to go full paleo.  It is very easy to keep.  Just imagine if your ancestors, before the agricultural period, would have eaten a food.  If they wouldn’t have, don’t eat it.  Or look it up and find out about it.  Some tropical foods which our ancestors wouldn’t have eaten are okay.  Avacados are good, for instance.  But most tropical fruit is worthless.  You should eat the fruits which grow in Europe, where we grew up.

We have not evolved, in any way, past what we were pre-agriculture.  Our bodies have not changed.  What is best for us is what we evolved to eat, which is high meat and vegetable and low carb.

Whenever possible, eat cow.  It is the superior food.
Whenever possible, eat cow. It is the superior food.

Depending on how much physical activity you are doing, you can eat carbs, but they should be from white rice, potatoes or fruit.  Bread should be eliminated completely, along with pasta.  Anything made with flour or wheat, it’s all poison.

Though paleo people debate about dairy, I cut it about a year ago and have benefited greatly for it.  I do still use butter, but only if it is 100% real butter.  Most butters now are mixed with soy and vegetable oil, so be careful.

I know a lot of people are big on raw milk, and you can try that if you want.  For me personally, my body works better without milk and cheese.

The paleo diet will help fat people loose weight and skinny people gain it.  If you are overweight it is no struggle because you eat until you are full.

The palaeolithic era: When men were men and elephants were hairy
The palaeolithic era: When men were men and elephants were hairy

If anyone disagrees with me about any of this, they are wrong.  Sorry, but it just isn’t debatable.  It is simple common sense that we evolved to eat a certain diet, and that diet that we evolved to eat is going to be the one which is most healthy for us.  Yeah, small things like dairy and different fruits can be debated, but the basic concept cannot be.  It is just a fact: paleo is the truth.

I will put up further information about this in the future.


There were some parts of the last article that were a bit tongue-in-cheek.  But only a bit.

Anabolic steroids are probably pretty dangerous.  That said, in extreme situations, they could probably help people.  It should not be a first line of defense, and you shouldn’t do them unless you know what you’re doing, which would take a good amount of research.

I also mentioned psychedelics.  This doesn’t relate to issues of masculinity, I just mentioned it in passing.  But I should elaborate.

While I believe addictive drugs are a plague, and fully support executing drug-dealers and sending users to concentration camps, I think psychedelics can be psychologically beneficial.  That having been said, I wouldn’t seriously encourage anyone to take them, as that would be irresponsible as they could have a bad experience.

The last thing you need is a bad trip.  Unless that is what you need.
The last thing you need is a bad trip. Unless that is what you need.

To be clear, I would probably not take anything at this point in my life except maybe mushrooms and possibly DMT.  What I would never take are new “party” psychedelics such as MDMA or ketamine.  These both cause serious brain damage and can have very negative psychological and emotional effects.

Then there was the beer issue.  The consumption of alcohol is a normal European social behavior, but beer is absolutely the worst form of alcohol one can consume.  The ideal drink is vodka or gin straight or with ice.  If you need a mixer, soda and tonic water work.  All forms of hard liquor are better than beer.

My drink of choice.
My drink of choice.

This is coming from a beer-lover.

Red wine is, of course, okay as well, and should probably be consumed once or twice a month either way.

It shouldn’t be particularly difficult, in social drinking situations, to drink something other than beer while your friends are drinking beer.  Of course, one or two on occasion won’t kill you, assuming you aren’t especially overweight.


I also said to get in bar fights.  Probably shouldn’t actually do that on purpose.  If the other guy falls the wrong way and hits his head you can end up in prison for like ten years for manslaughter in America, and the penalties are probably more ridiculous in most European countries.

What you should be, however, is ready for a fight and to never feel like you have to back down from a fight.  You need to be able to walk around feeling like you have the capacity to physically defend yourself and hold your own should things get heavy.  When you know you can defend yourself physically, you are able to maintain a masculine sense of calm.  And that is real masculinity: it is very calm.  A powerful calm.  Practice being calm.  Calmness demonstrates that you are not worried, meaning you are in control.  You should always be in control or have a direct personal relationship to the man who is in control, whatever the situation.

Start taking martial arts classes.  Seriously.  Sign up this week.  You will never regret this.
Start taking martial arts classes. Seriously. Sign up this week. You will never regret this.

And in every situation, someone is in control.  No matter what.  It is either you, or it is someone else.  Most often these days, it is some stupid attention-whoring bitch in short shorts or a domineering dyke.  If you are not aware that in every situation someone is in control, you have never been in control of a situation.

More Aggressive Misogyny

Despite modern pretense, the hard reality is that much of situational control goes back to the physical.  Technically, the physical element is still psychological, unless someone throws a punch (which they usually don’t do these days), but your own understanding that if the situation were to become physical, you would have the capacity to control it, gives you the ability to assert control.

Because everything in the universe can ultimately be reduced to violence and physical force.  It is the law of nature.

Because women lack physical strength, they have evolved a method of psychological manipulation that allows them to use the physical force of men to accomplish their goals.  You will notice, if you are paying attention, that women regularly attempt to provoke men into confrontation with one another.  This usually involves flirting with both men and sewing animosity.  This is a demonstration of power on her part, a demonstration of the ability to exert the physical force of a man through psychological manipulation.

The proper response to a woman making sexual advances.
The proper response to a woman making sexual advances.

Being capable of resisting feminine wiles is a key part of masculinity.  If whenever a girl flirts with you you get some boost of self-esteem and immediately believe she is going to have sex with you, you are a limp faggot to be jerked around endlessly.  Women use your sex urge to manipulate you.  Remember that a woman who is flirting with you will always use you if you respond submissively, because it is a natural turn-off to her, and generally when a woman makes a sexual advance it is not because she is just that horny, but rather because she has a scheme of some type brewing – otherwise she would wait for the male to make the advance, as that is part of the basic order of nature.

Most importantly when dealing with women, always remember that your dignity is worth exactly six million times more than what’s between her legs.