Civilized Blacks are Murdered by Their Black Son; The Jungle Can’t be Contained for Long

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

Dawn Armstrong, Antonio Armstrong, and the murderer on the right.

The thing about these so-called based blacks and blacks that act kind of civilized in general is that even though they themselves are not that big of a problem, the curse they carry in their blood is.

This curse they carry in their DNA gets passed to their offspring and manifests itself even if the parents were able to resist it.

Daily Mail:

A Houston teen standing trial in the slayings of his parents was in hot water with them in the months leading up to the killings and repeatedly being disciplined over grades and dishonesty, according to text messages revealed in court Wednesday.

Text exchanges between Antonio Armstrong, Jr, his mother and his father showed a teen who was frequently explaining his actions when he was caught bending the truth.

His parents weren’t shy in expressing their disappointment.

‘He is a bold face liar like I have never seen before,’ Dawn Armstrong said in a text to her son and husband, after she found out he was untruthful about being at basketball practice.

Dawn Armstrong and her husband, Antonio Armstrong, Sr, were found shot to death in their beds on July 29, 2016.

This is their son:

Their son, who also goes by AJ, was charged with capital murder. He was 16 at the time and was certified to be tried as an adult.

The texts spanned from the fall of 2015 to July 2016. On multiple occasions, Armstrong’s parents called him out for poor grades or spending too much money.

He got grounded once over not being home when he said he would, and another time his car privileges were taken away, according to the messages.

Another time, Armstrong was caught lying about whether his girlfriend’s parents were present when he was over at her house.

His father added that they’ve paid thousands of dollars in tutors to get his grades up – which he said ended up being a waste of time.

You almost feel bad for these niggers, man. The parents were behaving like they were told they were supposed to behave, acting all civilized and stuff, but even though what they did seems noble, they were really just trying to keep their son from being what he is: a murderous beast.

You can’t suppress the jungle that lives inside of them for long.

This is why blacks and whites living together under the same set of rules doesn’t work. They’re ticking bombs that can revert back to cannibal chimp mode at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.

These niggers were really trying to be a part of civilization, but they were literally betrayed by their own blood.

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CBS Chicago:

Chicago police were dealing with hundreds of teens running through downtown Chicago Wednesday night, yelling, stopping traffic and running in the streets.

A huge police presence did not deter the rowdy behavior at Millennium Park.

The crowd then moved to State and Lake, where Chicago police were preparing to hold a press conference about the chaos. Police said they told most of the teens to go home, and some moved towards public transportation. Officers arrested those who disobeyed orders from police.

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If we want to live in peace, we’ll have to put a physical barrier between our people and these creatures.

We have no need to exterminate them; they’re good at doing that on their own. We just have to stop feeding them.

Once we stop giving them stuff, their numbers will naturally go down.

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