City Cuts Water, Power to Massachusetts Gym, Changes Locks – Means of Production Seized!

It’s very telling that only gym owners so far have had high enough testosterone to react normally to this mass psychosis situation.

If men still had the average testosterone levels of the 1950s – about twice what they have today – every single business owner would respond the way these gym owners have, and this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

The Charlotte Observer:

A Massachusetts gym that reopened in defiance of state coronavirus regulations had its water and power cut Wednesday night under a court order, The Boston Globe reports.

David Blondin, owner of Prime Fitness & Nutrition in Oxford, already faces $7,000 in unpaid fines for refusing to close under a statewide stay-home order, WBZ reported.

Blondin, who says the gym has been operating at 50% of capacity since mid-May, argues that his constitutional rights are being violated, WCVB reported.

“People have the freedom to work out,” Blondin said, WBZ reported. “People can do as they please. They can exercise. They can do as they want.”

Yeah – no. They don’t. They don’t, and they can’t.

I get what he means by saying this, but actually, it’s weird.

This isn’t the first time a country’s economy has been shut down for no real reason other than to consolidate power. Communism also did this.

But, this is definitely the first time this has happened, while everyone was constantly remarking on how free they are.

But a state order bars gyms from opening until Phase 3 of a reopening plan, which can’t begin earlier than June 29, The Boston Globe reported. The shutdowns are intended to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Worcester Superior Court Judge Susan Sullivan ruled that Oxford can change locks, board up doors and windows, cut off utilities and take any other steps needed to close the gym, WBZ reported.

Attorneys for the gym and town confirmed that power and water were shut off Wednesday night, WCVB reported.

“If they truly chose to do that as a town of Oxford, you know, it’s surprising to me that they’re trying to rip down a business like this,” Blondin said, according to the station.

Yeah – you be surprised, normie.

There is nothing at all surprising about this. In fact, I have never heard of a system run by Jews that did not end up doing this.

Also, I don’t think I’ve heard of a system, not run by Jews, that ever ended up doing this.

So, really, they already had us completely hog-tied with the homosexualization and brutal mommy takeover of everything. After that, it was just a question of what tool to use first.

So far, it’s been this, and the blacks.

What will the next thing be?

False flag cyberterrorism seems like a good candidate. They could beat war drums and activate the Internet Panopticon in one move.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.