“Citizen Defense” AR-15 Retards from Facebook are Out in Kenosha

As is the normal procedure, the cops are completely refusing to get involved with the riots in Kenosha, instead allowing the blacks and Antifa to completely destroy the entire city.

Understandably, there are citizens who want to go out and try to defend people and property – but at what cost?

According to journalist Julio Rosas, blacks and Antifa were attempting to set another car lot on fire and were stopped by “armed citizens” with AR-15s.

You can see some of that here as well. These retards are all carrying AR-15s and this one says that he supports the BLM agenda but just doesn’t want them to riot and burn everything (as if it is possible to support BLM without supporting violence).

If people knew that the government was going to allow people to go out on the streets and do the job of the cops, the citizens could organize and shut all of this down. I have no doubt of that. If the cops had deputized them or otherwise given them permission to shoot to kill, it would also make sense to have guns.

That is not the situation, however. We know as an absolute matter of fact that while the cops will not stop the blacks and anarchists from destroying everything, they would indeed arrest and prosecute white men for defending the community from the blacks and anarchists if there was some kind of confrontation.

It’s obvious that even if that isn’t happening now, in the long term that will be the situation. The Justice Department is no doubt right now attempting to identify the people who appeared on the streets of Kenosha with guns to defend the city and figuring out what they can charge them with.

We have seen this endless times with situations where left and right wingers got into confrontations. It was always the leftists who initiated the violence and it was always the rightists who were charged with crimes. The Proud Boys, among many others, were charged with what was obviously self-defense.

The Justice Department went through and prosecuted many people for alleged violence at Charlottesville – all of them were right-wingers, despite the fact that an independent body investigated the event and found that all of the violence was started by leftists and the entire fiasco was a result of police incompetence. There are people in prison right now for self-defense at Charlottesville.

James Fields, the man charged for a car accident, crashed because he was being chased by Antifa with guns, and Antifa were attacking his car with bats. But none of the people attacking him were charged with anything. Instead, he was charged and convicted of MURDER in a crooked court because a morbidly obese woman had a heart attack.

If it was a possible long-term strategy for right-wingers to organize and fight this mob while the police cower, I would totally endorse that. That is the precise opposite of the situation. History shows that despite the fact that William Barr’s Justice Department is refusing outright to prosecute this violent mob burning down our cities, we can be certain he will move his fat ass to put you in prison for trying to defend people and property from these terrorists.

The fact that these people are going out there with their AR-15s just shows that they are absolute retards. I advise all of you to stay far away from these people, as they are more dangerous than the blacks.

Again, we ask what we ask every time: What could possibly be the point of these guns? 

A gun is not a toy and you don’t use it to intimidate people if you’re not planning on shooting it. If these people did shoot, and killed some rioting black, that would provoke a massive response from the federal government, I can tell you that. Entire groups of people would be rounded up as terrorists, other groups would be declared terrorists and shut down, guns would be seized on a mass scale.

The media would say that the attack was unprovoked. We saw this in New Mexico, where the man was chased down by Antifa screaming that they were going to kill him. One of them had a knife. After he was on the ground, he shot one of them, and the entire media said that a right-wing terrorist went to a peaceful protest and started shooting. If you think that was some kind of fluke and they’ll be honest next time, you are deranged.

That situation was on video, and the guy wasn’t charged initially, but the DA brought it back up later (he’d already been beaten to the ground when he pulled the gun, so apparently he was just supposed to allow himself to be killed). And that was just a handgun, which he was carrying concealed. That’s much different than coming out with an AR-15. The obvious implication of carrying an AR-15 across your chest is that you’re planning to kill, actively. Furthermore, these are much bigger bullets, and you’re not going to run and be cornered while carrying an AR-15.

These people who go out in public with military rifles are children. In fact, calling them “children” is too generous, as a child is able to answer simple questions like “what are you doing?” These people who go out in public can’t answer that question.

This faggot also says he’s on the side of Black Lives Matter.

The fact that they support BLM while also saying they don’t support burning down white-owned businesses demonstrates how little is going on in their brains.

This phenomenon of men going out with military rifles like this emerged with Facebook groups. I personally believe that it was created by the feds operating in these Facebook groups. I also think the head of the “3%ers,” the main group that advocates this behavior, is probably a fed.

These are emasculated little boys who are doing this to feel like real men. If they actually just wanted to protect the neighborhood, they would go out unarmed or I guess with baseball bats or something. Not only does it create massive liability for you and every other gun-owner in America, carrying that massive rifle across your chest makes it impossible for you to defend yourself if someone calls your bluff. You can’t fight or run with a rifle across your chest.

If you’re not grasping this yet, then here’s a little mental exercise for you: try to imagine a situation where one of these people could fire their gun and it not result in a complete disaster.

Obviously, there is no such situation. Regardless of the context, firing an AR-15 during a black riot would result in a total disaster, where the man who fired the shot would be completely railroaded, everyone in his group would be investigated and possibly charged as a member of a terrorist group, and mass gun confiscation would ensue.

Furthermore, we already saw one of these same retards get killed in Texas. He was running around with a rifle at a BLM protest, and he ran towards a car. The driver pulled out a pistol and shot him dead, and it was ruled that the guy deserved it. He obviously did deserve it. Some kinds of stupidity are fatal.

Here’s an interview with him – he’s saying the same shit the faggots above are saying, “I support the protesters, I’m just making sure it’s peaceful.”

It is becoming very clear that we are going to need these guns at some point in the future. These faggots are making an absolute mockery of that fact, trying to give the government a pretext to take the guns. The purpose of a gun is to kill people. Until you’re ready to kill people, your rifle needs to remain in the safe or at the range. Period.

An earlier version of this article stated wrongly that the man in New Mexico was not charged. Though the charges were initially dropped, they were brought back a month later.