Circus America: Idaho Woman Arrested for Letting Kids Play in the Park

Modern America is the dumbest place that has ever been.

So it is fitting that we are implementing the dumbest conceivable tyranny.


The case of a mother in Meridian, Idaho, who was arrested after police say she violated a city order by letting her children play in a playground has sparked a furious backlash and protests against Covid-19 restrictions.

Sara Brady was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing, following the incident at Kleiner Park in Meridian on Tuesday.

Video footage shows Brady being led away from the scene in handcuffs as several other women with young children plead with the police officers for an explanation for the arrest.

“As a person, does this make sense to you? As a person, not as a police officer,” one can be heard asking as the mother is perp-walked out of the park on the sunny afternoon.

Meridian police say they made several attempts to encourage Brady to adhere to the rules and she did not comply with their requests. She was part of a group of families that was taking part in a “playdate protest” over Idaho’s stay-at-home orders. She is now facing up to six months in jail and/or a US$1,000 fine.

The arrest prompted a protest outside Meridian City Hall on Tuesday evening, where demonstrators voiced their concerns about how the incident was handled by the police and expressed their opposition to Idaho’s Covid-19 measures.

It isn’t even clear what crime is being committed, or how you can sentence her to jail or fine her for doing something that is not illegal.

Free movement in public has been repeatedly affirmed by the Supreme Court. It wasn’t in the Bill of Rights, because no one could have ever guessed that we’d have a situation where the government was locking people in their houses.

States rushed through mega “no more Constitution” bills that basically said they were allowed to just do whatever they want in the early days of the hysteria, but these laws would never hold up to any challenge.

It appears, however, that they’re never going to be challenged. Instead, we’ve just transferred into a completely new kind of society, and we’ll be here forever. The fact that people were so willing to surrender their basic rights proves that there was never any chance they were going to be able to keep them. This society is too decadent and depraved to maintain a functioning civil society.

What they’ve done is just all at once pushed through a New World Order.