CIA Chief Says China – Not Russia – Biggest Threat to US Longterm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2017

Well thank you Captain Obvious.


CIA Director Mike Pompeo sees China rather than Russia or Iran as the biggest threat to America’s dominant position in the world. Beijing merited its position on the US spymaster’s threat list due to its stronger economy and population, he said.

Speaking to the Washington Free Beacon, Pompeo marked terrorism and North Korea as the biggest short-term threats to US security interests, but selected China, Russia and Iran as mid-to-long-term concerns.

“It’s hard to pick between China, Russia and Iran to be honest with you. I guess if I had to pick one with a nose above the others, I’d probably pick China,” he told Bill Gertz, the Beacon’s senior editor and national security reporter.

The fact that Iran would be on a “hard to pick” list with the other two proves that this guy is not a serious person in any way whatsoever.

Iran is a third world country. Both Russia and China are superpowers with international influence.

“They have a real economy that they have built, unlike Russia that lives and dies on how many barrels of oil they can pluck out of the ground. And Iran that is similarly very single sector derivative and not to the scale of China population-wise,” he explained.

Pompeo added that Beijing’s defense strategy is based on confronting the US and its capabilities.

They are probably trying either to steal our stuff or make sure they can defeat it. And most often both,” he said. “I think it’s very clear when they think about their place in the world, they measure their success in placing themselves in the world where they want to be vis-à-vis the United States and not as against anyone else.”

The director declined to comment on reports that since 2012 China has pivoted its espionage offensively in the US, but said the Chinese effort was “an active campaign”.

“It began with really commercial attacks. Trying to steal our stuff. That continues. They’ve always tried to get at our military resources, our R&D programs and the like. So those have long histories,” he said.

But it is also the case that the Chinese have moved to a place where they, I think, see themselves as a rival superpower and so intend to conduct their version of espionage programs in a way that reflects their superpower status,” Pompeo added.

“They have as part of their mission to reduce the relative power of the United States vis-à-vis their own country. And one of the ways they do that is through these active measures, these spying efforts.”

If we were talking about real life and our own real interests and what the future for people younger than Mike Pompeo actually looks like, the threat of a rising China is exactly why we should stop provoking conflict with Russia.

You don’t have to be a buck-toothed inbred trailer KKK member to understand the fact that Russia is a white nation, and thus shares many more interests with us than China does. We have a shared history with Russia that goes back thousands of years, and the average Russian wants the same thing out of life as the average White American. We have similar visions of the future.

This is due to our shared evolutionary paths. Though we could frame it as something to do with culture or whatever, and come to the exact same conclusion. If we wanted to be politically correct. (Of course there is no need to be politically correct if you actually care about reality – the entire purpose of political correctness is to distort reality.)

China is obviously something completely alien.

So it is effectively the most obvious thing that anyone could ever imagine that the US should be directly allied with Russia in anticipation of the coming civilizational conflict.

I don’t view this as a military conflict, by the way. Simply a struggle for dominance in the technological age.

If the West were not crawling around in the dirt with a bunch of unevolved primitives – flooding our nations with them – then we would be talking about the conquest of outer space. In fact we would be doing more than talking – we would be doing it. And China is our only competitor in that arena.

If we continue to go down this road of transsexual children and Islam and feminist CEOs and OxyContin to keep the White boys quiet, then it doesn’t really matter either way. But if we actually want to built a future civilization, than we absolutely should be allied with Russia, to the point of helping them fix their economy through free trade deals and so on.

That is what you would do if you actually gave a shit about America having a future as a nation.

We should be thinking in terms of Western civilization as a whole (and not in the Gavin McInnes sense, but in the sense of “the white race”). This isn’t “hatred for the color of the skin,” it is just basic common sense.

In the same interview, Pompeo blamed the media for the ongoing issue of intelligence leaks.

In a real stupid way.


The media’s “insatiable demand” for leaks is prompting the US intelligence community to anonymously disclose government secrets, according to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who spoke after President Donald Trump blasted intelligence agencies for constant leaks.

“The media’s insatiable demand for leaks presents enormous risks to the United States of America,” Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon.

“I am confident that this administration is going to do its level best, once the secrets are out, to identify those who did them,” Pompeo added. His comments came on the heels of President Trump saying that he wants leakers to be prosecuted.

Last week, Pompeo blasted The New York Times for publishing the name of the undercover officer in charge of the agency’s Iran operations.

“It matters to me personally. We have CIA officers who will get killed as a result of these [leaks],” Pompeo said in the Free Beacon interview.

So the media wants leaks, and that makes intelligence agents leak them.

What does that even mean?

Like, the media calls so many times that agents just get tired of being asked so just start spilling secrets?

That is such a stupid explanation that is is absolutely shocking that the head of the CIA would say it. Similar to listing a third-world shithole with two global superpowers as potential top military threats.

Is this guy dumb?

I am 100% for blaming the media, but it should be that the journalists as individuals and the publications that print the leaks should be criminally liable. Not, “oh well, the media is so persistent in asking our guys, they just can’t help but spill the beans.”

That is beyond the pale retarded.

Bashir Assad was right about the CIA imho

Here’s what I would do if I was the government:

I would arrest the journalists who print the leaks on grounds of national security and compel them to identify their sources.

Because apparently, these intelligence agencies are so dysfunctional that they can’t internally identify the leakers.

Trump told us he was going to bring back waterboarding – why not waterboard journalists?

The left can shout about the First Amendment when journalists get arrested, but no one takes that seriously anymore in the age of hardcore censorship.

When the left whines, Trump can just be like, “if you people care about the First Amendment, then why are you suing my boy Anglin for blogging?”

To be honest, if I was President, I would just hire Blackwater mercenaries to start assassinating journalists, then do a Duterte and be like, “yeah, you know – I don’t know anything about that for sure.”

You have a few long-range sniper hits on journalists in NYC and those leaks would slow down real quick.

So I guess it’s a good thing I’m not President.