CIA Begging Trump Not to Release Kennedy Assassination Documents

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2017

25 years ago Congress voted to declassify all assassination documents – including Kennedy’s – by October 26, 2017.

The CIA has been battling the law in court and dragging its feet for that entire time. Now the only thing that can save them is a Donald Trump executive order.

Remember that this is the same CIA whose rogue agents have been relentlessly leaking inflammatory and often fake scoops to the Jews media about Trump for his entire presidency so far. They don’t like him for a myriad of reasons and that’s never going to change.

Furthermore, a significant minority of Trump voters are middle aged ham radio InfoWars conspiracy nuts who will be very angry and decry Trump as an Illuminati agent if he goes out of his way to stop America from finally knowing the truth.

The clock is ticking!


The federal government’s long campaign to try to choke off rampant conspiracy theories about the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy is threatening to end this month in massive confusion, if not chaos.

Within the next two weeks, the National Archives is legally obligated to release the last of thousands of secret documents from government files about the assassination, most of them from the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department.

And there is every indication that the massive document dump—especially if any of it is blocked by President Donald Trump, the only person empowered under the law to stop the release of the files—will simply help fuel a new generation of conspiracy theories.

The CIA has not confirmed or denied reports that it has appealed to Trump to block the release of some of the files on grounds that the documents might still somehow endanger national security if made public. In a cryptic statement last week, the spy agency said only that it “continues to engage in the process to determine the appropriate next steps with respect to any previously unreleased CIA information.”

As it stands now, the document release this month will be a logistical nightmare, with the public suddenly flooded with a huge online library of documents—tens of thousands in total—that will be, at first, mostly incomprehensible even to experienced students of the assassination. The National Archives, abandoning its plans to release the documents in batches over the course of several months, said this week that it will instead release everything at once—all on the same day—sometime between now and the deadline on October 26.

The still-secret JFK library at the Archives is made up of about 3,100 documents that the public has never seen before, as well as more than 30,000 other files that have been only partially released in the past.

Many are known to involve a mysterious chapter in the history of the assassination—a six-day trip that JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald paid to Mexico City several weeks before the president’s murder, in which Oswald met with Cuban and Soviet spies and came under intensive surveillance by the CIA’s Mexico City station. Previously released FBI documents suggest that Oswald spoke openly in Mexico about his intention to kill Kennedy.

Under the 1992 law, millions of pages of other documents about the assassination were made public in the 1990s, and they did reshape the thinking of many historians about JFK’s murder. Many of those documents revealed how much information had been withheld by the CIA and FBI over the years that demonstrated how those agencies had bungled intelligence in 1963 that, if acted on, might have prevented the assassination.

Even mainstream historians now are inclined to admit that Lee Harvey Oswald was some kind of CIA asset. Whether there was a big conspiracy and cover up to kill Kennedy is based largely on circumstantial evidence.

Will the new documents expand our understanding of the relationship between Oswald, (((Jack Ruby))), and all the other characters in the very strange incident?

Was the Mossad involved? Was it an internal coup to put LBJ in charge?

Recall that LBJ was able to pass the extremely unpopular Civil Rights Act (1964) by saying it’s what the deceased JFK always wanted.

In other words, the ghost of Kennedy’s cult of personality – fresh in the minds of the public – is what staved off white backlash at basically being forced to send their kids to schools full of blacks at gunpoint.

It was as bizarre back then as the Vegas shooting investigation is today. Hopefully the mystery will be resolved with these documents, there’s got to be something explosive in there.