Fail Plot: CIA Attempts to Frame Julian Assange in Absurd Pedophile Hoax

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2016


A bizarre plot is unfolding, attempting to ensnare Julian Assange in a “grooming” scandal shortly after the Ecuadorian embassy cut his internet access. The charge? He allegedly began an internet relationship with a 22-year-old woman through an online dating site. After getting to know Assange, it is claimed that said woman had her eight year old sister log on for her and performed sexual acts on camera. The case is being looked into by police… in the Bahamas.

The timing is perfect, the story is retarded.

An investigation into the “dating website,” called Todd & Clare, by Wikileaks shows that it is impossible to trace who or what is actually running it. Few to no people have ever heard of this dating website, and looking at the pictures of the women on the website it’s pretty obvious all the profiles are fake (the pictures are taken from other websites). It has a social media presence across many platforms beginning from last year, with a few YouTube videos featuring low level actresses and a Facebook page where posts had 100’s of likes but no comments – suspicious to say the least. There is a book listed on Amazon using the names of Todd and Clare about online dating, but it’s less than a few dozen pages long and no reviews exist for it. The website claims to have started in 2011 but no information on it exists from before 2015 on social media or anywhere else.

Nothing is known of “Todd Hammond,” the purported owner of the website, whose registered email and phone number are bogus, even though it was officially registered as a “Participant of the United Nations Global Compact” in 2016. T&C Network Solutions, the umbrella company responsible for “Todd&Clare,” was traced back to somebody called “Julia Phillips.”  The mailing address where business is registered as being run out of is in Houston, Texas.

It’s an abandoned storage building:


Several news portals, including Fox News, even reported that Assange was going to be arrested and tried over this, yet this talk has collapsed and vanished from pro-Hillary media (such as the Daily Kos) overnight. Ok, so this is a textbook CIA operation gone awry.

And as the whole world is laughing at it, they’re going back to the drawing board.

Basically the government, including its covert operations, is being run like the DMV. Not surprising, this is what happens when you get a bunch of blacks and women to administer your ZOG – they get desperate, they make mistakes, they procrastinate. In a sense, affirmative action in the government was meant to groom a compliant elite, but this has backfired on the system, we should be thanking them and demanding more affirmative action in the deep state until the people are able to drain that swamp of corruption.

After American (and who knows who else) intelligence’s failure in trying to frame Assange as a pedophile, the Ecuadorian government released a straightforward statement to the Associated Press admitting in between the lines that they cut his internet because they didn’t like the effect it was having on the US election. They were obviously intimidated, as the Wikileaks Twitter has stated, by the US government.

Another attempt was made to circulate a story that Assange was taking millions of dollars from the Russian government. This too never gained any traction. This is the kind of stuff those old Ham radio tinfoil hat types used to talk about.

Striker’s Theory and Speculation (take with a grain of salt)

Nevertheless, they’re working several angles to try and muster an excuse to bring Assange into custody, or figure out a plausible excuse to kill him before the nukes are leaked.

My theory is that the Pamela Anderson visit to Assange to “bring him vegan food” (on the day John Kerry (((Cohn))) was in London) on the very day he had his internet cut was part of an intelligence operation as well. Anderson is a well-known Hillary Clinton supporter, so using her to get to Assange would not be hard. While some Infowars-types were speculating that it was to poison him, I would guess it was to lure him into sex or threaten him, thus the triggered release of encrypted hash-tags on Twitter.

Look at this photograph of Anderson walking towards Assange’s dwellings the other day:


Why are your nipples so hard Pam?

While Anderson’s got quite a bit of mileage on her, and even more STDs, look at her salaciously erect nipples on her world famous fake tits poking through as she walks to meet Assange at the embassy. I could be wrong, but from this image alone, it’s clear she isn’t wearing a bra. The private meeting was organized by a mutual contact close to Assange for a long time, fashion designer Vivianne Westwood.

For a lonely wizard holed up in the Ecuadorian basement’s embassy, Pam is like an ice cold Gatorade in the desert, dripping with condensation you want to pass by your forehead .


Assange has said nothing about any attempt at seduction by Anderson. If it is possible to get in contact with him, then it would be good to ask if Anderson displayed any unusually flirtatious behavior. Anderson may have tried to have intercourse with Assange, save or stain herself with his semen from a condom, and then have this be used as “evidence” to give Ecuador a pretense to break their asylum agreement with him and hand him over for the bogus rape charges in Sweden (in other words, extradite him to the United States for torture, life imprisonment and/or execution). That, or she may have simply been there to deliver a “concerned citizen” message courtesy of Aunt Hillary.

Whatever’s going on, Assange is still alive. The mainstream media however has been quite adamant about drawing out theories of Anderson poisoning Assange and dismissing any speculation as a conspiracy theory.


The theories are probably mostly wrong, or even entirely wrong (including mine) , as I highly doubt they would be brazen enough to poison him with a Pret sandwich during such a high profile visit (wait for America to become majority non-white to see those kinds of antics). With that said, just because there’s nothing on the surface, doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on.

Pam could’ve shown up just to try and charm him, telling him to stop helping Donald Trump. Or it could’ve been more.

Will they start releasing bogus Wikileaks in his name? Will they try and frame him for something else? Will they just chimp out and go in commando style in desperation and drag him out with armed men?

Assange is definitely sitting on something big, much bigger than anything we’ve seen so far, something that could bring down the government entirely – I can sense it. The system wouldn’t reveal itself like it has in the last few weeks without a very good reason. The question is: will we get to see it?

Stay on guard, and help out Wikileaks if you can. The Blacks and women at the DMV may be bumbling incompetents, but they do eventually get you your renewed license. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of them in their quest to silence Assange.