Chyna and Prince: Two American Icons Dead in a Day

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2016

Sadness has gripped the country as two very important cultural icons have died in the same day.

Chyna, the WWF female fighter was found dead in her house at 45.


Wow, sexy.

And the Artist formerly known as Prince was found dead in his house at 57.


The Prince formerly known as alive.

The passing of these two is especially relevant in a time of a hot debate about the rights of men to pretend to be women and vise verse. Chyna was a proud feminist who took testosterone injections to make her into a man, and Price was a weird Negroid who acted like a woman.

If there was any time that America needed these important cultural icons, it was today, as the patriarchy in North Carolina bans trannies from the bathrooms of the wrong sex.

But where are these heroes now?

They’re dead.

May Allah help us.