Church of England to Officially Endorse Homos

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2016


Creepy sodomite Bishop Paul Bayes

The cancerous Church of England has decided to whore itself out to dirty sodomites, embracing pro-faggot Biblical revisionism.

The demonic rebellion in favor of accepting satanic sodomite sex is met with cheers of joys from kikes and dykes alike. The fagifcation of the church isn’t a new thing, but doesn’t get any less disgusting.


Two leading bishops from the Church of England say it’s “time to change the church” and reconsider interpretations of the Bible which condemn homosexuality as a sin.

How is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah not an obvious divine condemnation of vile vandal vanity? I suppose twitter hashtags and PC virtue signaling is more important.


The Rt. Rev. Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, says his mind is “open, not closed” on how passages in the Bible talking about homosexuality should be read in the 21st century.

I don’t think it’s his mind he wants to open. Many people who become priests these days seem to be broken people who just think Jesus is their best friend who will forgive them for consciously making bad decisions all the time. They are stupid, weak and pathetic. And a lot of them are pedos too.

But hey, it’s current year.

Bayes says he has been “profoundly changed” by encounters with lesbian and gay Christians in recent years, including within his own family.

So his son turns gay because he is a bad father and now he wants to make the world just as bad as his dysfunctional family is. This guy is obviously a psychopath.

These people are broken

He says the “hard fact is that the Church has played, and still plays, no small part in bruising and breaking” LGBT Christians.

I will trust this guy’s personal experience. This highlights the problem most of us have already seen. People are afraid of the truth. That’s why the degenerate faggots who want to break down our values react as they do. They know what we say is true.

Speaking to the Guardian, Bayes said the Church of England had to rise to the challenge of being “faithful to the teaching of the Bible and to the culture we live in.”

He says his intervention was “not designed to shortcut our processes or bounce the Church along … but listening is quite a dangerous thing. If you listen, it might change you.”

But the culture isn’t faithful to the Bible.

You don’t really need to be very Christian to realize that this treasonous and timid tolerance of tyrannic tranny traps leads to societal chaos. Modern day ”Christians” are a disgrace to the ideals they claim to champion.

The church has been 100% infiltrated by the dirty Christ-killers. The fact that slimy Semitic reasoning like this is taken as a serious thing just proves it.

I mean, even Negroes can understand this is disgusting.

Baye’s comments are likely to anger traditionalists from the Church of England and could further inflame tensions with Anglican leaders in Africa, who are firmly against accepting homosexuality on Biblical grounds.

We need less AIDS and more fire and brimstone.