Church Attended by Michael Brown’s Family Burnt to the Ground, Negro Pastor Blames Conspiracy by White Supremacists for Its Destruction

Daily Slave
November 27, 2014

The confused negro pastor was apparently unaware that mobs of Blacks have been violently rioting in Ferguson.

We now have a Black pastor claiming that White supremacists to burn down his church, which Michael Brown’s family attended, because he was a vocal supporter of the Brown family.

Call me crazy, but the vast majority of people who were looting, burning down buildings and causing mayhem in the Ferguson area looked to be Black.  I don’t even know what these supposed White supremacists would gain from burning down this church, let alone how they would have been able to move through that mess without getting lynched by Blacks.

The Black pastor doesn’t seem to have an explanation either, but that’s okay because the only thing that matters is his feelings.

Daily Mail:

The Missouri church attended by Michael Brown’s father and his family was one of a dozen or so buildings burned to the ground during Monday night’s protests in the wake of a grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

While the majority of the buildings destroyed on Monday were in downtown Ferguson, the Flood Christian Church is located some three miles away from the protests in a remote section of Country Club Hills.

Pastor Carlton Lee, who has been a vocal advocate for the Browns since their son was shot in August, has said he believes that white supremacists rather than protesters were to blame for the destruction.

These Blacks are truly retarded. I’m sorry but there is no other way to describe them. I don’t even hate them, I just want them separated from us as it is becoming increasingly clear that multiculturalism is a Jewish fraud promoted to create as much discord among peoples as humanly possible. Most of these Blacks behave like children and have childish tantrums whenever they perceive their feelings to have been hurt.

Blaming a White conspiracy for this church burning certainly demonstrates the level of abject retardation we are dealing with here.