“Chuckles” Biden Said Trump Would be Doing a Coup If He Doesn’t Leave Office After Mail-In Hoax

In an interview with some bitch on MSNBC that I missed last week, “Chuckles” Biden claimed that if Donald Trump doesn’t leave office in response to a mail-in ballot victory by him, it would be a “coup.”

In fact, this is literally the opposite of reality, and what Biden himself – or rather, the people pulling his puppet strings – are doing is a coup. They set up the mail-in ballot scheme. Trump didn’t want mail-in ballots. If they just wanted a fair election, they could have simply pushed for safety at the polls. A bunch of masks and hand-sanitizer and all that gay bullshit.

But no: they came up with the idea to mail out tens of millions of unsolicited ballots, which is complete lunacy on the face of it. When they came up with that plan, they did it while planning to commit fraud. There is no other reason you would invent that plan.

“The last thing we need is the equivalent of a coup. That’s not who we are,” Chuckles said.

But here’s the thing: in the interview, Biden specifically said that the FBI is going to side with Joe Chuckles and the Giggle Squad. He also implied that Homeland Security and the military would side This is presumably obviously true. All of these insitutions will side with Biden.

Which is why we’re standing by, and waiting for the signal.

The lying pussy “Chuckles” also claimed again in the interview that Trump shouldn’t say anything about this obvious plan to steal the election because he votes with an absentee ballot. They keep equivocating this. An absentee ballot is something you have to solicit. You have to request it and they send you a ballot with your information already printed on it, linked to a serial number. You fill it out and send it back.

That is not the same thing as sending out nearly 100 million empty ballots to households across the country. What they have done is totally insane, and they are absolutely counting on the fact that the American people are too stupid to understand this distinction.

However, after the debate last night, this is going to be a lie that is harder to tell going forward. Trump broke down the reality of mail-in voting spectacularly.