Chuck Schumer to Republicans: “Listen to the Money Talk”

Who would have figured that in 2021, Chuck Schumer would become my favorite politician?

New York Post:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday wagged his finger at Republicans who he says aren’t moving fast enough on approving the $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending plan.

I said yesterday, ‘We can do this the easy way or the hard way.’ Yesterday, it appeared that some Republicans would like to do it the hard way,” Schumer (D-New York) said on the Senate floor during a rare Sunday session.

Do it the hard way, Chuck!

Do it the Jewish way!

Do them like you did Jesus and all those children and women you kidnapped!

Medieval Poland style, chuck!

Jack the Ripper style!

We want the hard way!

Remind them, Chuck!

His comments came after Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.) said Saturday that he wouldn’t “fast-track” the bill before the standard 30 hours of debate on it was up. That decision, if not reversed, would delay the final vote on the package until Monday or Tuesday.

I can’t wait that long.

Schumer said that while he wants to push along the spending package for roads, bridges and transit more quickly, he needs senators on the other side of the aisle to “cooperate.” Still, if some holdouts don’t comply, the body will soon pass the bill, anyway, he said.

On Saturday, the Senate gave the green light to a measure ending debate on the plan — countering Republican efforts to filibuster the proposed infrastructure legislation. Eighteen Republicans voted with all Senate Democrats to move the measure forward.

“Republicans, even the ones who don’t want to support the bill, are very interested in working on the legislation, and that’s what they’re doing,” an insider previously told The Post. “A lot of Republicans who didn’t vote for this bill will be touting the things that it does in their own local media markets.”

I didn’t vote for the bill myself, but I’ll for sure be touting the things it does – I can tell you that much.

I want to do a musical duet with Chuck Schumer – Money Talks by AC/DC.

I can handle lead vocals. Mostly, I just want Schumer to put on short pants and jump around.

But he can also moan: “awwwwwww – MONEY TALKS!”

Chuck should be up to it – he’s known for his singing throughout the DC metro area.

This party is just getting started.

Once they flood the market and the stock and real estate prices just can’t manage to keep up, they are going to have to print money to make up for the money they’ve already printed. That is when you enter the death spiral known as hyperinflation.

I think it’s going to take a couple years still, because the stocks and real estate are really roaring – and a challenger has appeared, into which people are dumping trillions of useless US dollars.

Although I am partial to crypto, and plan to be a near-millionaire when Bitcoin hits its goal of $260,000 (and a multimillionaire when it hits the inevitable $1 million), I don’t give financial advice here, certainly not on crypto markets.

What I usually say is simply: “don’t be a retard.”

But now, I will go a step further: do not own any cash.

All fiat currencies are tethered to the US dollar, either in actuality or de facto as a result of the dollar serving as the global reserve currency.

I heard a story recently of a guy who owns three classic Porsche 911s that are now worth more than his house.

I guess it’s not groundbreaking to say “don’t own dollars.” I don’t think anyone who has more than $500 to their name is keeping the bulk of their personal wealth in dollars.

Speculative stocks and crypto are both a gamble. Precious metals are considered not a gamble, and yet, they’ve not gained any of the ground crypto has gained over the last decade.

The problem with classic cars is that they are so easily destroyed or stolen by the blacks. Otherwise, they would probably be among the most even-keeled places to go.

Real estate seems very solid, but you are in a situation where you are one Biden executive order away from having the price of your property halved by a Section 8 bloc full of blacks invading your territory. If you are going to own real estate, I recommend it be rural (even aside from my predictions of imminent doom in the urban areas).

At this point, you may still be able to sell your entire portfolio and buy up an entire small town, and install yourself as Judge, Jury and Executioner as soon as the feds lose control of the rural landscape.