Chuck Johnson on #Milogate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2016

“I’m not quite a big of a pussy as some people think.” -Chuck Johnson 2016

Stefan Molyneux appears to be following my advice and replacing the tinfoil artist and pro-Jew activist Paul Joseph Watson with the heroic actual journalist Chuck Johnson.

Johnson went on yesterday to discuss his recent actions at the RNC, where he was attacked by the dirty lying Jew Jamie Weinstein, the BF of the stupid lying slut Michelle Fields (the Breitbart journalist who got together with the Jew Ben Terris and the Jew Ben Shapiro to hoax an attack by Trump’s then chief of staff).

Here’s that clip.

You should have requested backup from Team Stormer, Chuck! We are not just a Troll Army, we are also a Street Army, and we will send our dudes to protect people from the Jews!

We wouldn’t have let that kike get away with that!

Stefan and Chuck then go on to discuss #Milogate (which is a much better hashtag than #FreeMilo, imo, but I want credit for coining it), a situation wherein the homosexualist Jew presumed leader of the Alt-Right was banned from Twitter for having trolled the animal actor playing the gorilla in the feminist Ghostbusters film.

Johnson himself was given a life sentence in Twitter prison for a hoax against him, where the stupid monkey Deray claimed he had threatened to assassinate him for $500. Funnily enough, Milo himself interviewed Chuck after that ban.

I was also banned from Twitter for making fun of Black people. It almost appears as though the complaints of “the Blacks” are taken more seriously by Jack Dorsey than the complaints of “the Jews.”

Jack sent a special tweet out for the offended Negress.