Christogenea Europe: Traitors of Britain – Then and Now Part 1

Daily Stormer
August 2, 2015

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King Caradoc and his family sold out to the Romans by his traitor cousin, Cartismandua.

William Finck and Sven Longshanks contrast the invasions of Britain in the past, with the modern day swarm of Black locusts.

Every schoolboy used to know the names of the three arch traitors of Britain, do you?

What about the hero kings, that repelled the entire might of Rome and the Saxon hordes?

Throughout history, certain leaders of ours have sold us out to the enemy.

Back then, the names of the traitors were so few they could be counted on one hand and their memory would be cursed for ever more.

Nowadays, pretty much the entire upper strata of society is filled with them.

Two girls being raped was all it took for the clans of Britain to rise up and massacre thousands of Roman troops in the first century.

Why has that not happened today, with the Rotherham 1400?


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