Christmas Massacre Suspect Killed in Milan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2016

Well, this is convenient.

We have no idea if this guy even did it. Germans have produced no evidence. Their only lead was the claim that they found his wallet in the truck, which they failed to say in the beginning.

Now he’s dead.

And you know what dead men don’t tell?


They don’t tell tales.

My tentative suspicion was that they couldn’t find who did it, so they just gave the name and picture of a random guy they’d been tracking because they knew he was a terrorist. He was on their records, Italian records, and even American records as planning a terrorist attack. So they could have just been like “oh yeah, it’s this guy – we’ve got his wallet.”

They also claim they found his fingerprints, but they already would have had those on record and could have faked that as well. These are the same German cops who tried to cover-up Cologne and who cover-up violent “refugee” crime every day.

Ah well. There’s no way to know what’s actually going on. Because the government and cops are a bunch of liars, and they control the media, who just report whatever they’re told to report and never investigate anything.

But if the guy who actually did it is still on the loose, he’ll probably do something else. Although we won’t know it’s him. Because some other haji could just as easily do something else.

The point is: our governments are not only evil and obsessed with exterminating their own people, but also ridiculously incompetent.

Washington Post:

The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack was shot dead at a police checkpoint near Milan, according to Italian officials, bringing an end to an international manhunt for the 24-year-old Tunisian that had kept the continent on edge as the holidays fast approached.

Anis Amri was killed, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said, after a dramatic 3:30 a.m. encounter at a routine checkpoint in the Piazza I Maggio in the Sesto San Giovanni area of greater Milan. Two officers spotted Amri on foot, and requested his identification. Amri, Minniti said, responded by pulling a gun, shooting one officer in the shoulder.

The patrol fired back, killing him.

“He was the most wanted man in Europe” said Minniti. “There is absolutely no doubt that the person killed is Anis Amri.”

Yeah, I don’t doubt that.

What I doubt is whether or not he actually did it.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni told reporters that he called German Chancellor Angela Merkel to relay the news. In a press conference, German officials, however, said they could not yet “officially confirm” Amri’s death, but were working “closely” with the Italians to do so.

A German security official briefed on the case said that the Italians had identified Amri via a confirmed fingerprint match.

While Amri’s death ended an international manhunt for the suspect who drove a truck into a teeming Christmas market, killing 12 and wounding dozens, it also raised a whole new set of questions.

How was Amri able to travel some 644 miles across the heart of Europe, evading European dragnets for at least two days after authorities had identified him as the prime suspect? In addition, German investigators only uncovered their single largest clue — his wallet with identification left in the truck’s cabin — the following day after the attack, suggesting the delay may have facilitated his flight from Germany.

And how ridiculous is this?

Did they not immediately check the truck?

I mean, they arrested that other Paki – who has now disappeared, by the way – flew him across the country to an interrogation facility, said it wasn’t him, released him and were like “yeah, we don’t have any clues.” And then a half-day later, they were like “welp, we checked the truck again and found some guys wallet – he must have done it.”

This is absurd.

Of course, the fact that it’s absurd doesn’t mean it isn’t true – it could well be true. But that level of bumbling incompetence, where it takes them over a day to find a wallet on the floor of a truck – wow.

So I don’t know.

Who knows?

Who cares?

The point is: they all need to go.