Christmas Looting: Smash White Supremacy – Grab Justice (Potential Pepsi Ad?)

Organizing Christmas looting events on the internet is kind of hilarious. I have to admit.

I don’t think a black person thought of this. In fact, I’m pretty sure that no aspect of black lives matter was thought of by black people.

“Smash white supremacy – grab justice” should be the new slogan of Pepsi.

Remember when they did that Black Lives Matter ad with Kendal Jenner and they had to pull it because black people got mad about it for some reason?

I think they were just mad Kendal looked good in it.

Seriously, do you guys remember this?

Watch it, it’s hilarious.

Anyway, Pepsi is clearly interested in this kind of marketing (as are most corporations), and most of the corporate pandering has been well received by BLM-Antifa.

I would direct this commercial.

I’ve got it all in my head.

There is a fat white cop with a mustache in front of the Louis Vuitton store, and the black guy in a ski mask punches him in the face, and then breaks out the store front with a bat. He’s going through with his crew smashing the glass and grabbing all the luxury goods and shoving them in a trash bag, in slow motion, and words come across the screen saying “smash white supremacy.” Then, on his way out with his trash bag full of loot over his shoulder, Kendal Jenner, who is working at the counter, gives him a smile and a wink and throws him a can of Pepsi. He catches it in mid-air and the caption reads “Grab Justice.” He chugs the Pepsi and, on his way out, throws the empty can at the collapsed and bleeding cops. It hits him in the face and he says “ugh.” Then Kendal and the black looter smile at each other. Cut to a BLM fist in the Pepsi colors.