Christian Heroes Destroy Fake Alien Monolith in the Name of Christ!

As you are aware, “monoliths” have been appearing across the globe as part of some weird fake alien agenda.

After the original one appeared in Utah, it’s been a big media issue, probably because the media is planning to tell you that there are aliens visiting the earth, as part of an agenda to get you to accept global warming and mass immigration.

Well, we’re not standing for this nonsense. In California, one of these “monoliths” appeared, and it was assaulted by America Firsters, who tore it down and replaced it with a cross, while chanting “Christ is King.”

The offensive structure appeared on Wednesday, sitting atop Pine Mountain in Atascadero.

Culture War Criminal and his people went to get it that night, rocking it back and forth to dislodge it, and smashing it on the ground.

“Christ is king in this country,” CWC said. “We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space, so let’s tear this bitch down.”

They put up the cross.

This is what needs to happen to any more of these that appear.

The alien agenda is a weird agenda and it is completely gay.

It’s high time we took a stand against aliens, fake aliens, and everything else that’s weird.