Christ-Killing Jewish Terrorists Rally in Support of NRO War on Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2016

This National Review war on Trump has got to be the best thing to happen in literally days.

I’m dying here, guys. My keyboard is literally drenched in spit-out coffee and I’ve had to make a special appointment with the massage parlor to deal with these orbital sides.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the publisher of the National Review coming out and saying he’s “broken hearted” over mass canceled subscriptions, it gets way better.

Jewish conservatives – commonly known by the internet intellectual elite as “kikeservatives” – are rallying on Twitter to defend the NRO war.

Look at rat kike John Podhoretz.

“True conservatism, goyim.”

And what is “true conservatism,” ask you goyim?

I can tell you in two words, goyim: low taxes.

From his wiki:

In disagreement with several writers at National Review and conservatives in general, Podhoretz has aggressively favored a more open immigration policy for the United States. He wrote: “I said merely what I feel deeply—which is that, as a Jew, I have great difficulty supporting a blanket policy of immigration restriction because of what happened to the Jewish people after 1924 and the unwillingness of the United States to take Jews in.”

goyim i

Disgusting Jewess Jennifer Rubin was worried that NRO didn’t go far enough.

From her wiki:

Rubin supports “traditional” US allies, particularly Israel, and opposes the governments of Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. A proponent of American exceptionalism, Rubin believes that the United States is the “leader of the free world” and is accordingly compelled to “act” to prevent “unacceptable” conduct against the US or its allies, such as Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons. According to Rubin, “the Carter era and the Reagan presidency sealed the deal” with respect to her views “on the role of the U.S. in the world as a force for freedom.”

Rubin has supported the Likud government and other conservative factions in Israel, and has been a critic of Hamas and of the PLO leadership.

In a November 21, 2013, column, Rubin called on the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to end its campaign against same-sex marriage. “Like a candidate losing every primary, you wonder how long the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) can hold on,” Rubin wrote. “What exactly does NOM do as voters in state after state decide to expand marriage to gay couples? There aren’t enough states for a constitutional amendment. It’s no longer a matter of judicial activism, but a sea change in public opinion that is propelling the legal shift. How many contests does NOM lose before it—or its donors—figures out the argument is not going to carry the day?”

goyim i

The gross Jewish terrorist Ben Shapiro also fears that the NRO attempt to destroy Our Glorious Leader would fail.

Shapiro attacked The Donald over his plan to remove kebab, saying it was “against the Constitution.”

He apparently believes Moslems have a Constitutional right to commit terrorist atrocities in America.

From his Wiki:

In a column written for in 2003, Shapiro proposed to expel the Palestinian population from the West Bank.

In the article, Shapiro states that “if Germans, who had a centuries-old connection to the newly created Polish territory, could be expelled, then surely Palestinians, whose claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza is dubious at best, can be expelled.”

goyim i

This is the End, My Friend

The Jewish-run “conservative” movement is getting BTFO by Trump, who is replacing it with nationalist populism – the natural political orientation of the White race.

The Jews had invented and pushed this retard-tier ideology of “conservatism” in order to cripple White America by telling them their true values were based on international capitalist globalism and wars for Israel.

Most people have too low of IQs to understand the level of Jewing they were experiencing, and so went along with what the talking heads on Fox News were smothering them with. Those with the low IQs then punished those with higher IQs for questioning the party line.

This retardation culminated with the Presidency of George W. Bush, who started insane wars for the Jews, mass-exported American jobs and began flooding the country with filthy, worthless brown people.

The disaster of the Bush Presidency cleared the way for a Planet of the Apes Occupation government, which continued the process of fighting endless wars for Jews and flooding the country with ape-men from anywhere (and everywhere).

People then kept electing GOP politicians to try and thwart Obama, and all these people did was go along with everything Obama did – because basically, Obama is a Jewish “conservative.” There is literally almost no difference between their systems. Except abortion. Gotta remember abortion.

Then: one man stands up and says “hey – this is stupid.”


And everyone is like “yeah, you know what – this is stupid!”

The Jews then lose their crap and start raging like maniacs, demanding the silly goyim return to their program of globalism, mass immigration, Jewish wars and “small government.”

But the people are just like: “no, seriously – that’s stupid.”

It’s all happening now.