Christ-Killer Ben Shapiro Calls for Gun Control

The single biggest mistake of the right-wing is falling for the hoax that it is possible for Jews to be right-wing. What defines the right-wing should be tradition. In the West, our tradition is Christianity. Jews are a group of people who define themselves by their hatred for Christ, and this is just as true of right-wing Jews as it is of left-wing Jews.

Like all of the “right-wing Jews,” Ben Shapiro says a lot of obvious things that anyone would agree with, while slipping poison into the mix.

Shapiro knows that the majority of his audience is Christian, and that Christians who accept his Jewish claim that he is right-wing are the ones that made him a millionaire. Yet even given that, he cannot resist mocking Christ.

Last week, he posted a tweet mocking Christ, in connection with a Mel Gibson news item.

You think Jews hate Mel Gibson because he called them out. Well, that’s wrong. They hate him because he has the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ living in his heart – and that is why he called them out.

Shapiro has a long history of mocking Christ.

Here’s an incident from 2014:

If you search his Twitter for mentions of Christ, you find that he jokes often about him. Some of the jokes alone wouldn’t be offensive necessarily, but even the benign ones make up a tapestry of mocking the belief in Christ.

He only ever uses the name Jesus derisively, as a joke, or as profanity. Pretty strange for someone who claims to be defending the traditions of America, no?

At an appearance on Joe Rogan, he blasphemed Christ by claiming that He was a Jew, then said that he thought Jesus deserved to die for questioning the Jews.

Shapiro recently appeared at an event for the Young Americans Foundation, and was asked about his support for gun control, Big League Politics reports.

“Though President Reagan in the 1980s claimed to be pro-gun and defend the 2nd Amendment, President Reagan created stricter gun control laws, and you oppose the legalization of machine guns and fully-automatic firearms. How do you rectify this belief with being pro-2nd Amendment and why do you believe the line should be drawn at these guns?” Shapiro was asked.

Shapiro answered that only guns that are “in common use” should be legal. He then mentioned nuclear weapons and smirked in a feminine manner.

This is extremely problematic. The obvious way is that military rifles are not “in common use” for any purpose other than stockpiling against potential government overreach.

The more important reason that it is problematic is that the very purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect against government overreach, and the core concept was that the people are supposed to be better armed than the government.

This “in common use” bullshit is just a different version of the Democrat argument that the guns are a hobby and it’s all about hunting or personal protection, which means you shouldn’t be able to own AR-15s.

You notice that even though handguns are responsible for virtually 100% of deaths, they are always trying to take bigger weapons. That’s because the government doesn’t care if people die. They want to take guns that you could use against the government if they attacked you. Ben Shapiro’s argument is in line with this, because he is a Jew and he knows Jews run the government.

Shapiro apparently realizes that if Jesus Christ and his apostles had had access to machine guns, the Jews would have had a harder time murdering him. That isn’t a joke: Jews want to have the ability to murder those who disagree with them, and those who disagree with them are those who tell the truth. The Jews were able to kill Jesus because they were capable of manipulating the Roman government into doing their bidding. They do not want a situation where the followers of Christ ever have more power than the saints they hunted down and killed.

Ben Shapiro reads this site, and one time he was whining on Twitter about us making fun of him. Who showed up in his replies? None other than the top leftist Jew Jake Tapper.

You’d think they’d hate each other. You wouldn’t expect they would follow each other, or that Tapper would commiserate with a Jew that CNN labels a “white supremacist.” But there it is.

They are both Jews, you see. And being Jewish comes before any political disagreements they might have.

When it comes down to the actual core of the matter, there is no right-wing Jew and there isn’t even a left-wing Jew – there are just Jews.

Both as Christians and as freedom-loving Americans, we need to separate from these evil people.