Christ is Risen!

Today is Easter Sunday.

I always post something on Easter, to commemorate the Holy Day. I am late posting today, because I decided to take my own half day off, to rest.

I prefer to write holy day materials on the day itself, as I believe there is a special sort of spiritual energy going around on these days, which I should be happy to tap into.

Today, the thing closest to the front of my brain is the fact that last year, President Donald Trump said that we would end the lockdown on Easter. This date, one year ago today, was continually cited by Trump, with the media continually saying that it was impossible.

Needless to say, we did not reopen on Easter.

We are now a year out from that, and we have yet to be freed from the bonds of this lockdown, which has been used to strip us of all of our freedoms. These freedoms, we should recall, are not simply given to us by the Constitution, but by God. The freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution were all cited by the Founding Fathers as coming from God.

We should also understand that these basic freedoms, which have been taken from us, were also considered the basic freedoms of people long before the Constitution. They are also considered freedoms in other cultures, and among totally different races.

We have been denied the right to move around freely, and we have been compelled to cover our faces with a mask. These are violations of human autonomy that have not happened before, anywhere on earth in recorded history. In Russia, at the height of the Bolshevik Revolution, or in China, at the height of the Cultural Revolution – two points in history where we think of governments being the most out of control – the people had more freedoms than we have now.

During the most outrageous points of any communist revolution, people were still allowed to meet in homes with their neighbors. None of these communist revolutions required people to cover up their mouths and noses with a piece of cloth, nor did these communists attempt to compel people to be injected with a gene-altering experimental substance.

You could find places where there were curfews under communism, but the idea of totally restricting people’s movement, for months on end, is something you will not find anywhere in history.

Further, though there were internal passports under communism, they were only used on trains moving from city to city. What they are attempting to roll out with this vaccine passport is a system where you are required to show identification in order to enter a store. Your entry into that store is then entered into a database, where every movement you make is permanently stored.

We have less freedom than anyone else, ever in history.

We should also note, as we’ve mentioned Russia and China as places which went through a period of history where they had low freedom, at the current point in time, both Russians and Chinese have significantly more freedom than the people of America or Europe. Those two countries have implemented some coronavirus measures, but nothing like what the West has done.

There is only one reason that Western nations have been able to strip people of their freedoms in such an extreme way, and that is because people have tolerated it. At any point over the last 14 months, Americans could have poured out into the streets and said “no.” But they didn’t do that. Instead, the average Western man has gone along with every step of this process.

People are also ready to go along with even more extreme degradation. It has now been announced that the vaccine passport is in the works, and will be rolled out soon. This will mean that without the vaccine (or forged vaccine credentials, which the FBI has recently announced will be a federal crime soon, and may actually already be a crime), you will not be able to enter stores, or get on a plane, or a train, or do really anything else. It will also mean that even if you do have the vaccine, your every movement will be tracked not just by the government, but by private companies. We have yet to see any significant backlash against this plan.

Here is what has happened: we have lost our belief that we are human beings, made in the image of God.

The argument that should be made against all of this dehumanization, the argument that should trump whatever gibberish the government comes up with as a justification for our dehumanization, should be very simple: “I am a man, made in the image of God, and I deserve dignity.”

We now accept that we are nothing more than fleshy objects. We are ugly, ugly giant bags of mostly water. With our connection to God lost, we have no explanation as to why we deserve dignity.

Because we have lost that connection to God, and lost our understanding of ourselves as divine creations, we cannot formulate an argument as to why our dignity and our freedom should trump some convoluted argument about “saving lives.”

Founding Father Patrick Henry, who was a deeply religious man, said: “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Now, the vague implication that people could potentially die is enough to take away people’s liberty.

It’s not clear at all what the arguments regarding the supposed pandemic even are, but at least originally, they were saying that they were taking our freedoms from us in order to protect us from our own choices. Then they said that if we don’t follow the rules, we were killing other people, though it’s still not clear how that works – especially given that they say the vaccine protects people.

The ultimate bottom line of all of this is: a Godless society cannot be a free society. The entire Western idea of personal freedom extends from the belief that we are divine beings, made by God, and thus must have freedom of choice.

When we sacrificed our belief in God, trading it for the allure of material pleasures, it was only a matter of time before our freedom was stripped from us, and we were treated like animals.

A New Need for God

What has happened because of this fake pandemic, all of the destruction of freedom, the crushing of our humanity, has an upside: this situation proves that we need God in our lives, because without Him, we are helpless.

“I am a man and I deserve freedom!” is a statement that can be made now, but the government and Anthony Fauci can simply say, “no, actually you don’t – we are saving lives and our saving of lives trumps your freedom.”

This puts you in a situation where you then have to explain why you deserve freedom, and there is no explanation other than: “because God created me to be free.” Without the ability to appeal to the divine nature of man, you cannot formulate an argument as to why you deserve freedom, and you are left attempting to argue with their premise, which is that the pandemic is real and they are saving lives.

I think we have significantly proved here at the Daily Stormer that in fact, there is no pandemic, and the whole thing is just a hoax. However, that is an argument you can never win. The argument you could win is that it doesn’t matter if there is a pandemic, freedom and basic dignity trump any threat to life.

That argument – the argument from divine rights – bypasses the entire convoluted pandemic hoax, and makes it so there is never a situation in which you should be compelled to surrender your bodily autonomy to the government.

But a Godless people cannot make that argument.

What this means – and this is the good part – is that society has no choice but to return to God, and return to an understanding of man as divine beings into whom God Himself breathed life.

Furthermore, on the personal level, each one of us now is forced to realize that we cannot stand against this system of evil as ugly giant bags of mostly water. The only way we can stand against this system is of creatures of God.

Through the spring of 2020, when I was realizing where this all was going, I had a depressive phase. The longtime reader will remember this. I had seen this entire series of events laid out, and was overcome with frustration that people were arguing with me, and that many were not listening at all, instead going along with this pandemic nonsense without thinking.

What I felt was helplessness. Eventually, my conclusion was that my only option was to completely give up the illusion of control, and surrender my will to God. That is where I found that I could have freedom in myself, even when the government and the media were taking my freedom from me. The pressure of attempting to fight against this crisis was lifted from my shoulders, as I realized that my only duty is to do what I am able to do to fight this, and that nothing more can be expected of me.

I understand fully now: I am required to do everything I can do, but I am not required to do anything that I cannot do. Everything that I cannot do is outside of my hands, and therefore I must surrender the desire to do more than I am able to God.

This is very different than the evangelical claim that “everything is in God’s hands and therefore we do not have any requirement to fight against evil.” That is actually insane, and it is nihilism, to say that men cannot change the world, and cannot conquer evil. If that were true, then why would we exist at all? Why would we have free will, if there was no ability to change anything?

I have never struggled with that concept. I have never thought that “everything is in God’s hands, so there is no reason for me to do anything at all.” I have always wanted to fight. But as this new virus system was brought in, I was forced to realize that even if I do everything I’m supposed to do, I can still lose.

And that brings us to the message of Easter.

Jesus Christ did everything He could to fight against the Jews. His followers did everything in their power to protect Him from the Jews. But in the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus spoke to His Father God, and explained that He had done everything in His power, and that He saw that He could not win.

“My¬†Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass me by. Nevertheless, let it be as You, not I, would have it.” He prayed, asking God not to let the Jews kill Him. But then, He surrendered: “If this cup cannot pass by, but I must drink it, Your will be done!”

And as we know, the Jews came for Him, and he was killed.

But none of this was ever outside of God’s control, and God proved that fact by raising Him from the grave.

This is all very similar to the situation we are in right now.

The odds look very bad, even as we do all that we can to fight against this system.

But even if it appears that the Jews have won, as it appeared at the crucifixion that the Jews had won, we must maintain our faith in God, and maintain that He will ultimately triumph over the forces of evil.

No matter how bad things get – and they’re going to get very, very bad – we must never lose faith.

Our duty is very simple: just as Christ did, we must do everything in our power to stand against evil. At the same time, we must also accept that no matter how hard we push ourselves, we may get to the point where it looks like evil has triumphed.

But if we get to that point, and we likely will, we must remember that God had the power to raise the Son of Man from the dead, and so too does He have the power to thwart the evil plans of our current evil overlords.

The message is: never surrender. Never stop fighting. Never stop doing what is right, no matter how painful it is to do the right thing. Because in the end, we will all get what we deserve, and those of us who fight will be rewarded, even if that appears impossible.

There is nothing in this life that is more final than death, and yet, the Resurrection proves that even that can be overcome by God.

Those days when Christ was dead, before his resurrection, were the darkest imaginable days for the followers of Christ. They felt they had been defeated. But they had not been defeated. Christ rose, and he remained risen, and Christians conquered the world.

No matter how brutal this system of no freedom becomes, you still have choices you can make. You can choose to resist this system.

Don’t get the vaccine. Don’t cooperate with the system. Don’t ever surrender.

No matter if your whole family turns against you, no matter if you are denied food and water, do not surrender.

Do not let false teachers sway you into thinking it’s okay to take the vaccine. Many false teachers are teaching this now. I have seen it. They are saying that the vaccine is not the mark of the beast because of blah-blah-blah-and-etcetera. Whatever this vaccine is, it is purely evil, it is made from the corpses of aborted infants, and it is designed to alter your genetics, which God programmed you with.

Your body is divine, it is the temple of God, and you are only its keeper. You have no right to violate it by manipulating your genetics. There is no greater abomination imaginable than this fake vaccine, which is itself only the beginning of a program to change the human being into something different.

Do not cooperate with their tracking system. Do not cooperate with any of it. Let them punish you if they will punish you.

You will be judged, and if you stay true, you will be rewarded.

I can promise you: you will not regret resisting this evil system.

The followers of Christ felt there was no hope left after Christ was murdered by those Jews. But then He was risen.

There is nothing more important in all of your life that you will hear than these words: “Christ is Risen.”

Those three words mean that no matter what, God remains in control, and He will conquer the forces of darkness.

There is nothing more important for us to remember in this time of the greatest darkness than that Christ rose from the dead, by God’s will.