Chris Wallace Calls Trump a Racist, Stephen Miller Says Racism is a Hoax Designed to Normalize Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2019

I agree with both of these Jews. Imagine that.

USA Today:

White House adviser Stephen Miller on Sunday pushed back against those who believe President Donald Trump is a racist or is engaging in racist rhetoric, arguing the liberals use that label to censor their opponents. 

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace listed several of Trump’s statements that have been decried as racist, including his recent suggestion that four congresswomen of color “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came,” his unsubstantiated claims that former President Barack Obama was not a U.S. citizen, his campaign announcement in which he said Mexicans “are rapists,” his call for a “complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States,” and his assertion that there were good people on “both sides” of a clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Why shouldn’t someone see all of that as racist?” Wallace asked Miller.

“I think the term ‘racist,’ Chris, has become a label that is too often deployed by the left, Democrats in this country simply to try to silence and punish and suppress people they disagree with, speech that they don’t want to hear,” Miller said.

“The reality is that this president has been a president for all Americans, whether you look at historically low black unemployment rates, historically low Hispanic unemployment rates or if you look at what he’s doing on immigration to protect safety, security, rising wages for all American citizens.”

Firstly, telling immigrants and blacks to “go back to their countries” is clearly what is called “racism” in this country. I don’t think anyone can say that isn’t actually racist, at least by the definition of “classifying people differently based on their race.”

That said, the word racism is obviously used as a way to censor people. Let me tell you what, I know a thing or two about that. Calling a white person a racist is like calling a black person a nigger. It puts them on the level of below human, thus not worthy of the normal series of rights that are generally given to human beings. It is used just to shut down the discussion.

Even if it is “racist” to want brown people to leave the country, we should be able to talk about that as a valid viewpoint for someone to hold.

Maybe this is all an issue of the definition of this word “racism”? 

It is really weird when boomers come out and say that Trump isn’t saying racist things. In particular, saying that they don’t think it’s racist to tell brown people to leave the country.

But maybe they are thinking of something different when they get called a racist?

Maybe they are thinking of Holocaust movies and KKK lynchings and think you’re saying they want to kill people, not just kick them out?

I’ve never specifically wanted to hurt any person in my life, and I’m allegedly the world’s top neo-Nazi, which is supposed to be a very racist thing to be. All I ever wanted was for white people to be able to be in control of their own destinies by controlling their own countries. And I think that the overwhelming majority of white people – at least white men – would probably agree with this concept if they were able to understand it.

The left and the Jews actually do have an understanding of it, and they are the ones labeling it “racist.” At the same time as they label me racist, or label Donald Trump racist, or label any sentiment that implies white people have a right to self-determination as racist, they also talk about how racists want to kill and oppress others.

They also mix together the issue of noting the differences in behavior between whites and other races and “hating the color of the skin.”


I go out there and say that I am a white man, I was born in a country built by my ancestors for the benefit of their own progeny, and I think we should remain in control of this country. I say that other races are not compatible, at least in large numbers, with the traditions of Western civilization and the behavior of white people generally, because of biological differences. And I have scientific data on the biological differences, if anyone wants to check my graphs.

I am okay with accepting that this is “racist” thought, because I am recognizing the differences between races and saying that race should be a major point of consideration when we are planning our society. I think it would be strange for someone arguing that societies should be divided along primarily racial lines to go out and say “I’m not racist though.”

However, Jews label me a racist, then they go on and say that ACTUALLY racism is wanting to kill everyone who is nonwhite because you hate the color of their skin.

And if I say “yeah but I don’t want to do that,” they will reply “well, you must want to do that because you’re a racist – you already admitted it.”

And then the fact that the word is used as a means to censor people means that we’re not even allowed to discuss how it is defined.

Basically, the whole thing amounts to committing a type of heresy. Several things were called heresy during late antiquity that were later accepted by the Ecumenical council after they were better understood. But many of the heretics were killed before their doctrine was accepted, because they weren’t allowed to explain themselves and their books were all burned.