Chris Rock on What You Should Expect When Dealing with the Cops

This is an old Chris Rock sketch, probably from the late 1990s, entitled “How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police.”

Framed as a parody of a public service announcement, it shows what black people should expect when dealing with the cops. He basically makes a bunch of jokes about stupid things black people do to end up in a situation of police brutality, and specifically talks about what happens when you run in the way that Rayshard Brooks recently ran. “Don’t make them chase you,” he instructs his fellow blacks.

He starts out with telling his folks to “Obey the Law.”

“Laws are made for a reason,” he says. “Think of them as hints. You’ve heard people say, ‘man, I wouldn’t do that shit if I was you.’ Well here’s some of that shit.” He then gives a list of crimes which you shouldn’t do, including car-jacking and armed robbery.

He then shows footage of the Rodney King beating and says, “as everybody knows, if the police have to come and get you, they’re bringing an ass-kicking with em.”

He concludes with, “if you follow these simple pointers, you probably won’t get your ass kicked by the police.”

Of course, none of these blacks who we’re talking about in the media followed these pointers. The latest good boy who’s dead, Rayshard Brooks of Atlanta, literally attacked the police and stole a cop’s weapon, then ran from them, then pulled the weapon he’d stolen.

This Chris Rock video would never air now. It would be framed as “promoting white supremacy” for suggesting that blacks are ever responsible for violence by the cops. At this point, claiming blacks are responsible for police violence is on par with saying, “Hitler had some pretty good reasons to be mad at the Jews,” or saying that a woman who got beaten up by her husband or boyfriend was “asking for it.”

By the way, Chris Rock also did the “asking for it” bit when he said he understood why OJ Simpson killed his whore wife. This is another very funny clip.

Yes, Rock is a rich black guy, but he’s hardly an Uncle Tom. This attitude he is expressing is something that has not been uncommon in the black community. There has traditionally been an attitude among the blacks that breaking the law is bad, even if they view it as necessary. They have also traditionally viewed the police as something like a force of nature, that is there and has always and will always be there, and if you’re going to break the law, you might end up confronted by the cops, just like if you’re going to mix opioids and amphetamines and the coronavirus, you might end up having a heart attack.

In fact, the biggest race riot in American history before last month was not against the cops, but against other civilians – namely, the Jews. These riots happened in Crown Heights after a Jew ran down a black child with his car and fled to Israel to avoid prosecution.

The traditional black attitude to people who end up getting killed by the police is that they shouldn’t have done whatever they did to end up in a situation where they were dealing with the police, i.e., “man, that nigga ain’t shoulda done that shit he did.” Conversely, they would likely understand that the whatever the black who was killed did was done knowing the risk, i.e., “man, that nigga knew the shit he was gettin he ass into.”

These blacks right now turning against the police in the way they are turning against the police have been agitated. This is not their natural response.

I am not defending the blacks by saying this. They are extremely violent people, as a result of biology. In particular, their IQs are 20 points lower than whites on average, which is a massive gap. Moreover, they have 20% higher testosterone than whites, which leads both to the violent crime and to their aptitude for sports.

What I am doing is saying that someone else is responsible for this situation, namely Jews and white women. They have poked and prodded these blacks and sold them a dumb fantasy about how cops are killing them out of skin hatred. Then, instead of squashing the riots using the cops, city governments run by Jews and white women have prevented the police from intervening.

Basically, they want people to blame the blacks for this instead of the people responsible. Blacks are simply being used as a weapon. George Lincoln Rockwell said this more than 50 years ago: “the blacks are being used by the Jews as a battering ram against White America.” And that’s what’s up now.

Furthermore, blacks have no understanding of political correctness, and don’t care. I personally literally have black acquaintances and there are a lot of black people who read this website. They think it’s funny. Those are probably going to be higher IQ blacks; certainly the blacks that I know personally are higher IQ, but that’s just because this is a website with a lot of words that you have to read. That doesn’t mean that the average black cares about “white racism.” Basically, blacks as a rule don’t really like white people, so they don’t expect that white people like them, and meeting on a shared understanding of that is much more preferable to the blacks than meeting on the grounds of “oh my God I’m so, so sorry for your suffering.”

What blacks especially hate is Jews, who come at them with this “I understand your pain” line. They tend to just want to smash those people up.

The liaisons between the Jews and the blacks are educated, frizzy-haired mulatto females. These are kind of “daywalkers” in that they can theoretically communicate between both whites and blacks, both because they are mixed and they are female. I saw this one, Ysanel Torres, in an article about the movement, and she is actually the ideal form of this.

They all look like her. Proud of their frizzy hair, but also into edgy white fashion, like the nose ring. She is also an artist.

These women are typically lesbians (with white lovers) or date white or Jewish soy-males. They don’t really want anything to do with black people, and are in some ways ashamed of their black half. Much of their promotion of race war probably has to do with a desire to justify the shame they have in being like the rioting savages in the street.

However, the standard blacks will be attracted to these women, in a way they are not really attracted to white women, and will listen to them. They are key to the organization of this entire agenda.

This isn’t anything new. In every place with colonialism, whites have had sex with the local women and created a class of mulattoes to serve in this liaison role. When Haiti had its revolution, they killed the mulattoes right along with the whites (at least the mulatto men, I tend to doubt they killed the women, who are obviously considered to be more attractive than their own women).

You can see the frizzy hair in this image from the Haitian revolution.

What’s more, the full-black women are playing a big role in this. It was black women who humiliated the Jewish Governor of Minneapolis by demanding an end to the police.

It is a very structured system, where this agenda moves from the Jews to the masses of rioting blacks, who again, never would have thought of this. Slave revolts were extremely rare, and Haiti was the only place where blacks rose up to overthrow a white minority, and that was literally only because Toussaint Louverture was exceptionally intelligent and exceptionally impudent. He was also a Jacobin, which is basically a proto-Antifa.

The bottom line is this: the whole thing that is happening right now has nothing at all to do with black people. 

Due to serious IQ problems, blacks are extremely suggestible.

You don’t have to feel bad for blacks or like blacks or anything else, but you should be aware of the fact that this is not some “black agenda” going on here. This is a Jew agenda that the blacks are being used as pawns in. Most blacks do not want their neighborhoods to devolve into the tribal warzones they are going to devolve into when the police are pulled out. In particular, blacks that are not male and between the ages of 12 and 30 do not want to deal with a tribal warzone.

But that’s what they’re going to get, as a result of this policy the Democrats are pushing. Every black neighborhood in the country is going to look like the South Side of Chicago.

The other bottom line is this: the media wants you to get mad at the blacks to cover up the people who are really responsible for this situation, which are the Jews. 

If you’re sitting there thinking that this is primarily a black problem, what is going on in this country right now, then you have been played.

Again: you can hate the blacks if you want. There are a lot of good reasons to hate black people. However, organizing this present nightmare is not one of those reasons.