Chris Matthews Accused of Giving an Ugly Woman Old Man Compliments

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

This is a woman that believes she was sexually harassed.

#metoo round 2?


Today they’ve come for Chris Matthews, who is being accused of – wait for it – “inappropriate flirting”!

New York Post:

MSNBC host Chris Matthews “inappropriately flirted” with a much younger female guest on at least two occasions while she was getting made up to appear on his “Hardball” show, the woman wrote Friday.

Freelance journalist Laura Bassett, who previously wrote about the incidents in 2017 without naming Matthews, identified him in a column published by GQ.

“I was afraid to name him at the time for fear of retaliation from the network; I’m not anymore,” she wrote.

During one incident in 2016, Matthews — who’s married to Kathleen Matthews, a former Maryland Democratic Party chairwoman — allegedly “looked over at me in the makeup chair next to him and said, ‘Why haven’t I fallen in love with you yet?’” Bassett wrote.

“When I laughed nervously and said nothing, he followed up to the makeup artist. ‘Keep putting makeup on her, I’ll fall in love with her.’”

Another time, Bassett said, Matthews complimented her red dress and asked, “You going out tonight?”

When Bassett replied that she didn’t know, Matthews reportedly told the makeup artist, “Make sure you wipe this off her face after the show. We don’t make her up so some guy at a bar can look at her like this.”

Bassett said that although she’s “pretty sure that behavior doesn’t rise to the level of illegal sexual harassment…it undermined my ability to do my job well.”

Bassett, who uses a screenshot from an appearance on “Hardball” as her profile photo on Twitter, also said her interactions with Matthews made her “noticeably uncomfortable on air.”

Despite not naming Matthews in 2017, Bassett said that “dozens of people reached out to say they knew exactly who it was” because his off-camera behavior with guests is an “open secret.”

Matthews “often creeps up to the line of sexual harassment without actually crossing it, so that women can never feel that it’s worth jeopardizing their own careers to complain,” she added.

The New York Post makes a point to say in the first line of this article that he is “much younger than her.” And indeed, she says that in her own essay.

In actual fact, though he looks a little bit younger because of plastic surgery that worked out well for him, the man is 74 years old.

Imagine claiming this guy is a sexual predator.

What everyone knows is that this is the way that old men talk to young, pretty girls – just to give them little compliments and get a smile from them. The fact of reality is that overweight men in their 70s are not going around with erections trying to screw younger women. There are some now who take Viagra and try to do it, but that is a weird psychological thing they are doing more than it is a sexual thing. And any attempts by men in their 70s to actually get down and nasty with a woman are unrelated to old man compliments.

It isn’t actually even “flirting” by any standard definition of the term. It’s more or less the same thing they do to their granddaughters. He said the thing about “falling in love,” which he probably wouldn’t say to his granddaughter, but the basic vibe is granddad talk, just wanting to see his pretty granddaughter smile.

If I was a woman with a face like this, I would be thankful for the compliments, wherever they were coming from. In fact, if I was a woman who looked like anything I would be thankful for the compliments. A woman being pretty doesn’t give her a right to be a cunt and act like men are “predators.” It just makes it way more ridiculous when the bitch looks like friggin’ E.T.

There may be some men who don’t know what I just told you. I don’t know. Maybe some men haven’t ever been in a situation where there is a man in his 70s and a younger girl. But I know that all women know what this is.

It is insane to me that GQ would publish this. But I guess this is where we’re at now. We’re post Weinstein conviction, so women are going to see how far they can push this stupid hoax.

This is just a blatant attempt by this bitch to get some media attention – which she is for sure getting.

Because speaking of ages, she is sure no spring chicken. She is a “literally who” and does not even have a Wikipedia page, but she does have a “Everipedia” page, which says she’s been blogging for HuffPo since 2009. She presumably would have been out of college by then, so I mean, do the math – she’s well over thirty, she looks like she’s forty-five, and the only thing that has ever happened in her life is that she was invited on guest spots on Chris Matthews’ show.

She was literally laid off from HuffPo in January.

She has nothing to lose and women have no morality to speak of.

So she goes and tries to destroy the one man who ever helped her out in order to get some cheap media publicity.

Of course I love this stuff. I’m just laying out the facts of life for you here. But leftists getting destroyed by unhinged feminism is something I truly love to see.

These are the values they promote. Chris Matthews getting hit with a sexual harassment charge is like Charlie Kirk getting hit with an Israeli air strike.

You know the line.

So, I mean, whatever.

The only thing I am against with regards to all of this #metoo stuff is changing the laws, which the conviction of Harvey Weinstein did. Otherwise, it is all great. Right-wing men can’t ever face any consequences from it anyway, as we saw with Donald Trump, who literally grabs women by the pussy and does not even care at all.

This comes after Matthews called Bernie Sanders a Nazi, which is something that got a lot of people really upset. I doubt he’ll go down for this “inappropriate flirting” allegation, but it is another log on the fire.

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