Chris Cuomo’s Home

This image is from when Chris Cuomo was broadcasting live from his home due to the coronavirus lockdown:

Who lives like this? Seriously?

His home looks like the lobby of a Holiday Inn.

Look at those chairs, the dumb mass print paintings, the gross plastic stairs, the blank white of the walls with the cheapest plastic light switch covers…

This man is a disgrace to humanity. I would bet money there is carpet upstairs. Literal carpeting, of the kind that is stapled to the floor.

But hey – if he ups the roids just a little bit, he can cover the whole screen with his traps and no one will have to look upon the desolate wasteland that is his M/I Abode.

The question is, why is he broadcasting in front of the stairs…? It’s not his kitchen table… it’s… good God, man, is he in a nook? Is that what is going on here? A nook with a computer in it at the bottom of the stairs?

This man is not fit to operate a forklift. Forklift drivers have class. Yet somehow, this man is explaining to half of America how they are supposed to live their lives.

By the way, I saw this picture in a recent segment of Tucker Carlson, which is one of his best segments yet. Lockdown equals destroyed.

Is that the Tucker Carlson Show, or is it Daily Stormer Live?