Chris Cuomo Says Anti-Vaxers are Weak People and Mind-Controlled

On Friday, the dumb, aggressive, and greasy wop Chris Cuomo handed off his show to the homosexual mulatto Don Lemon, and said that everyone who won’t take the vax is a weakling.

It is amazing the extreme way that the media is attacking those who do not want this deadly vaccine.

Remembering the 911 event (never forgetting, as they say), homo Lemon said, “I still look at the skyline, and you know, driving on the BQE, on the FDR, what have you, and I expect to see those buildings around every turn. And it is a reminder every day when you look that way that it’s not there, but especially today. And it’s also a reminder how much we lost, but a reminder, as well, on how we can come together no matter what as Americans as we did after those horrible attacks.”

Lemon is suspected to be thinking about those phallus-like towers and imagining if he could ram them into his anus.

With grease oozing from his pores, Cuomo replied, “Beautifully said, my brother. I have always felt that’s what ‘Never forget’ really is a reminder about. Not what happened. Obviously, we know what happened, but how we were 9/12, 9/13, 9/14. It wasn’t perfect. We made mistakes. It didn’t last forever. But we put things aside and came together in common cause with a collective will.”

Cuomo continued: “You contrast that with where we are today. I’m telling you, this vaccine hesitancy, sure there’s a little bit of a personal freedom thing, people don’t want to be told what to do. Somebody made people think that the vaccine is a personal choice issue because it doesn’t naturally occur that way, brother. Because we get our kids vaccinated, mumps, rubella, polio, smallpox. We all do it. That’s all this is. But all of a sudden, it’s a big deal. Somebody put an idea of that in their heads. Or somebodies, a group of people. We are not who we were after 9/11. This pandemic has proven that. We are weak people and making hard times for ourselves.”

What does it mean that someone “made them think” it?

How can you make someone think something?

If that is possible, then why do we have a democracy?

How can a democracy function if it is possible to make people think things?

And what about the media itself?

If Joseph Mercola can make people think things with his newsletter, then how much more can CNN make people think things?

Also, which is it:

  • Are anti-vaxers weak?
  • Or are they mind-controlled?

Are they weak, which led to them being mind-controlled?

How can they be blamed for their decisions if they are weak and mind-controlled?

Basically, I think the narrative is supposed to be that anti-vaxers are evil and they want to make others suffer and die because they take joy in death. The narrative is not that they’re mind-controlled. But CNN can just throw stuff out there. Just demonize people in any way they can think up.