Chris Cuomo “Indefinitely Suspended” from CNN for Telling His Brother How to Deal with Lying Whores

Chris Cuomo has been “indefinitely suspended” – which is the new Orwellian term for “fired” – for conspiring against lying skanks.

It’s always very funny and silly to me when people who I hate for so many different reasons get destroyed over something where I feel very strongly they did nothing wrong.

This was most prominent in the case of Harvey Weinstein. I said from the beginning that Harvey Weinstein should have been in prison – if not hanged at high noon in the village square – for producing Good Will Hunting. But he was destroyed and literally put in prison for decades for having sex with prostitutes.

The Weinstein thing was a big deal, because that completely changed the legal system and effectively made heterosexual sex illegal. So that mattered a lot to me.

Chris Cuomo getting fired for doing a conspiracy against lying hookers doesn’t matter, and is just kind of funny.

The details don’t really matter, but basically the NYAG released documents showing that Cuomo was giving his brother advice on how to discredit lying sluts. As you know, his brother Andrew was forced to resign as governor of New York because some stupid bitch said he touched her arm or something.

They already knew he did this but now they’re saying he did it even harder or something.

After predicting for a long time that the coalition of the unwashed would eventually eat itself, that is really starting to happen. Chris Cuomo was a pretty important figure in the shitlib lineup of personalities, as he was basically the only one that a normal person could potentially sympathize with.

I should put “normal” in quotes. He was for sure a dumb weirdo.

But he was at least masculine and talked sort of like a normal person.

Now you’ve got nothing but repulsive Jews, absurdly offensive faggots, irate colored people, and unhinged women. That is the entire shitlib media lineup now.

Look at these here folks:

There is just zero chance that anyone even remotely normal is going to be able to connect to any of those people.

But maybe this isn’t the left eating themselves? Or it is that, but it’s also not considered a big concern for them?

Honestly, I think part of the plan is to kind of solidify the cult. They don’t really seem to care if they lose all of the rest of the normal people, because what they want is a hardcore in-group of devout party members who are willing to do anything to support the agenda.

I mean, a year ago they fired Chris Matthews, who was also in the Cuomo category of “yeah he’s weird but I can at least sort of relate to him in that I could imagine bullshitting with him in the driveway if he was my neighbor.” (Whereas if the people above were talking to you in your driveway, you’d have your right hand reached around on the grip of your pistol as you’d just assume they were about to do something really weird and dangerous to you.)

Matthews was also fired on some trumped-up sex hoax.

The best CNN has at this point is Jake Tapper, who is a Jew or a half Jew, but comes across at least sort of normal.

He doesn’t look disgustingly Jewish and he isn’t so aggressively unhinged.

Aside from that, I don’t think they have anyone.

Conversely, Bloomberg and Fox – or for that matter, CNBC – have basically all normal-seeming people.

If I were the global Jewish conspiracy, I would want an army of charismatic and relatable people defending my agenda.

But it’s clear that they’re just not interested in that. Or, that their own value system necessarily prevents such people from first being willing to be a part of their agenda and secondly from not getting fired.

Maybe it’s both?