Chris Cuomo has Coronavirus! Sad!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

Darkness has fallen on the sleepy town of Manhattan.

Chris Cuomo has Corona!

This is the CNN anchor, not the governor who is always on the TV preaching doom and acting like he’s the boss of the world. That’s his brother, Andrew, who probably also has it.

Look at the way this faggot types…! These people are all literally stupid.

I am obligated to say “I hope he dies,” and obviously I do hope he dies. But he won’t.

It’s funny to say this is the virus only famous people get. But actually, now that we’re doing more testing, we’re finding that basically everyone has it.

And not everyone is dying.

It’s still just old people and the morbidly obese that are dying. Just as would be the case with any other flu.

Because this is the flu.