Chinks Put First Probe on Dark Side of the Moon

Daily Stormer
January 4, 2019

I am shocked – to the brink – by the fact that the chinks could somehow do this without any fat sheboons there to do dey calculahzions’n shieet…

All Chinks, almost all men. One of the females appears to be in labor.

Though remember: they stole this technology from the blacks.

South China Morning Post:

China’s space programme made history this morning when its Chang’e 4 lunar spacecraft successfully touched down on the moon’s far side, which has never been explored.

The lunar lander and rover spacecraft completed the world’s first soft-landing on the uncharted far side at 10.26am Hong Kong time, near the moon’s south pole, before taking the first photograph of that part of the moon.

Apparently, the “dark” side of the moon isn’t actually dark.

That blew my mind when I first heard it.

It also made me wonder – what else did Pink Floyd lie about?

Chang’e 4 was launched atop a Long March 3B carrier rocket on December 8 at the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in southwest China’s Sichuan province. It entered lunar orbit four days later.

The vehicle carries a suite of instruments designed to help record and define the region’s geology as well as equipment to conduct biological experiments.

China National Space Administration has said that Chang’e 4’s scientific tasks included astronomical observation using low-frequency radio; surveying the terrain and land forms; detecting the mineral composition and shallow lunar surface structure; and measuring neutron radiation and neutral atoms – all to develop an understanding of the environment on the moon’s far side, also called the dark side.

I’m not geeky enough to understand or care about this stuff, but it sounds important.

The spacecraft will also cultivate vegetables and flowers inside an airtight container, in experiments involving 28 Chinese universities, led by Chongqing University in southwest China.

Okay, that sounds a little more interesting, but still pretty boring.

One of the things they’re gonna try to grow is cotton, which I feel is a grave insult to all those fat sheboons that put Whitey on the moon in the first place.

The Chang’e 4 mission marks the world’s first expedition to a lunar region that never faces the Earth. All lunar landing probes to date travelled only to the near side, since it is easier to establish and maintain direct radio communication with the entire near side of the moon.

Success of the Chang’e 4 mission would mark the completion of the second phase of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Programme (CLEP), one of 16 key technologies identified by the Chinese government.

So there are better things to spend your time and money on other than trying to keep hundreds of millions of clinically retarded subhumans alive and under the impression that they’re like us.

NASA will never put a man on the moon.

Who would’ve thought?

According to CLEP, China plans to launch a returnable spacecraft called Chang’e 5 by 2020, under the third and final phase of the plan. Chang’e 5 will include a lunar lander and a rover that could return to Earth after collecting samples and performing lunar surveys.

Yeah, this is probably gonna fail.

China’s lack of diversity is eventually gonna catch up with them, and cripple their plans to extend the Commie Chink Hivemind all across the universe.

Because diversity is our greatest strength, and you can’t really get anywhere without it, right?


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