Chink Bitch Who Fled China to US Says She’s Publishing Proof Corona is an Engineered Virus

Well, I don’t trust this bitch.

Seems CIA.

News Australia:

A Chinese virologist who fled to the US after claiming China covered up the coronavirus outbreak has vowed to publish proof the virus was made in a lab.

Dr Li Meng-Yan has previously backed claims Beijing tried to silence anyone who attempted to raise the alarm when the virus first broke out in Wuhan last year.

Dr Li travelled to the US in late April before speaking out, saying she had to leave Hong Kong because she “knows how [China] treat whistleblowers”.

From the early stages of the pandemic, reports emerged of doctors being detained after trying to warn others about the virus on social media.

Journalists also had their equipment confiscated after trying to report on the issue.

Dr Li, a formerly a specialist at Hong Kong’s School of Public Health, has said her supervisor first asked her to investigate a new “SARS-like” virus in Wuhan on December 31 – but that her efforts were later stifled.

She said she reported back that cases appeared to be rising exponentially but was told to “keep silent and be careful”.

“’We will get in trouble and we’ll be disappeared’,” her supervisor reportedly said.

She has also backed claims that the virus came not from a meat market in Wuhan, and is widely thought, but from a virology institute in the city.

Basically, there is zero chance that coronavirus wasn’t biologically engineered. There is simply no possible way in the universe that all of these bizarre measures were rolled out as a result of this virus.

Instead, it is a matter of basic reality that the virus was rolled out to pave the way for these measures.

But that conclusion also means, as a matter of fact, that China did not do coronavirus. It was done by the same West that invented this lockdown as a way to take away everyone’s freedoms and completely abolish the middle class.

There has been much said about the relationship between Bill Gates and the Wuhan lab. What we do know is that he sent money that way. It is possible that the virus was in that lab, and released by Gates’ agents. It’s also possible that the lab is simply a red herring, and the virus was just released by CIA spies in Wuhan.

Whatever the case, this is a matter of fact: it was released by either the US government or the broader “Western Establishment.”

These measures were all planned, and they all came down like a piano pushed off the WTC 7.

Presumably, this chink bitch is yet another CIA agent, who is yet again trying to confuse right-wingers with various propaganda about China.

Everything that is happening was planned, years or decades ago. These are all just various steps, being rolled out against you. They have run all of it through “social simulation” computer programs, and they know how you will react. You are being led down a path to a new society.

Any suggestion that this is anything other than a planned conspiracy by the Western system to implement a new society is coming from a moron or a shill.