Chinese Sending Team to Investigate Death of Ambassador in Israel

The Chinese ambassador turned up dead in his home near Tel Aviv, and the Chinese are going in to do an investigation. This could end up being a serious diplomatic situation.

The Jews are saying it was “not foul play,” but how else does a healthy 57 or 58-year-old man die in his house alone? The only common ways I know off the top of my head are a heart attack or a stroke.

These potential ways are something a medical examiner would be able to make a pretty reasonable guess about in the 24 hours since Ambassador Du Wei’s death. The current guess is a heart attack, which seems really very unlikely for a man his age, who is thin and healthy.

And given that we have Du Wei making these pretty strong statements about Mike Pompeo in the days before his death… well, it’s all looking pretty suspicious, I would say.

Times of Israel:

The Chinese government is reportedly to dispatch investigators to Israel to probe the death of its ambassador to Israel, Du Wei.

Wei died at his home in Herzliya on Sunday, apparently from natural causes, a statement from Beijing has said.

A statement from China’s foreign ministry earlier said: “The preliminary verdict is that Ambassador Du Wei died unexpectedly of health reasons. The details await further confirmation.”

According to a Haaretz report, the special team will carry out “an independent investigation” and will also arrange arrangements to fly Wei’s body back to China for burial. A family representative will be joining the team, the report said. The team would not be required to enter the 14-day quarantine period normally required for arrivals in Israel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday morning that Du Wei, 57, had been found dead at his official residence in the coastal town of Herzliya. The Foreign Ministry said police were on the scene.

According to the Ynet news site, aides tried to wake Du and found him in his bed, not breathing. The initial assessment was that he had suffered cardiac arrest during the night.

Channel 12 news reported there were no external signs of violence on Du’s body.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said director-general Yuval Rotem spoke with deputy ambassador Dai Yuming and expressed his condolences, adding that the ministry would provide any assistance it could.

The ambassador’s death came just two days after he condemned comments by visiting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who denounced Chinese investments in Israel and accused China of hiding information about the coronavirus outbreak.

State Department officials said a main topic of discussion during Pompeo’s visit was Washington’s concerns over Israel’s trade relationship with China, citing its lack of transparency and problematic trade practices.

On Friday, the Chinese embassy assailed the US administration, saying the accusations were “absurd” and that it hoped its “Jewish friends” in Israel would not only succeed in defeating the virus but also the “political virus” — an apparent reference to accusations leveled at Beijing by Pompeo.

The statement also said that “Jewish friends know… well” that historically, “pandemic is accompanied by conspiracies and the dark mentality of seeking scapegoats.”

Well, it’s looking now like your Jewish friends aren’t so friendly, huh?

Now that you’re dead…!

I remember a meme about this, from a long time ago…

The reality situation here is that even if Du Wei did die of a heart attack – which I don’t believe – you are going to have Chinese people saying he was killed by America or the Jews, because Chinese people and the Chinese media are very prone to conspiracy theories.

What’s more, you’re going to have a lot of Jews thinking the Americans did it, though I don’t know if they will be allowed to say that on Israeli media. You are definitely not going to be allowed to say that Jews did it on American media, but I do suspect that some American officials will suspect the Jews, given how prone to targeted assassinations the Jews are known to be.

This may seem like a very small event. But right now, things are heating up for a large scale global conflict. And we do remember how World War I started, do we not?