Chinese Scientist Who Produced Gene-Edited Babies Gave Them Ashkenazi Superpowers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2019

Dr. He Jiankui

Recently, a Chinese scientist edited the genes of two babies allegedly hoping to make them resistant to the AIDS virus. Now experts are saying that the edits performed may have unintentionally increased their memory and cognitive function. Except it wasn’t unintentional because the Chinese are smarter than we give them credit for.

Plainly speaking, these babies may be the first Chinese superhumans.

Daily Mail:

We have probably already gene-edited babies to have better brains.

The controversial gene editing performed on a pair of twins in China when they were embryos may have unintentionally supercharged their brains, scientists suggest. 

In November, Dr He Jiankui and a team of Chinese scientists announced that they had used the experimental gene-editing method, CRISPR to alter the genome of twin embryos that had already been born, twin girls Lulu and Nana. 

The team used the procedure to suppress a gene called CCR5, which allows the HIV virus to sneak into some human cells. Gene editing was performed on Lulu and Nana to protect them from inheriting their father’s HIV, Dr He said. 

But every day we learn more about what the over 25,000 genes in human DNA do.

And today, a study published in the journal Cell found that suppressing CCR5 also has effects on memory and cognitive function.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), study was only looking at stroke victims, but the implications for the gene-edited twins are massive, its authors say.

They predict that Lulu and Nana’s genes were changed in a way that will not only protect them, but will improve their mental performances.

Years ago, Dr Alcino Silva and his neuroscience lab at UCLA were looking for a way to treat cognitive deficits.

They investigated many genes and stumbled onto CCR5. The gene looked like a promising target for alterations that could improve memory and learning, or at least help people with impairments to those cognitive functions.

When Dr Silva and his team looked up CCR5 he was shocked to find it is the same gene that, when expressed, allows the HIV virus access to human cells.

And in a happier twist, there was already an HIV drug that turned off the gene to deny the virus access to cells. It looked as though suppressing the gene might help improve cognition, too.

He and his team found that changing CCR5 in mice caused ‘a variety of changes in the brain of these animals and their biochemistry and cell-to-cell communications,’ Dr Silva told

They reported the exciting discover in a 2016 journal article, and decided to see if their gene knockdown could improve recovery from brain injuries.

On Thursday, they published the results of their new study, which suggested people without or with low levels of the CCR5 gene recover their memories and cognition more easily after strokes and that when the gene was suppressed with a drug in mice, they too had better memory and cognition.

The bottom line: ‘If you change CCR5, you change the brain. You change learning and memory,‘ said Dr Silva.

‘There’s so much similarity between the brains of mice and humans, that it would be safe to assume that [Lulu and Nana’s] brains have definitely been changed.’

Many members of the Ashkenazi Jewish population naturally have this deletion – and appear to have enhanced learning and memory compared to people with the gene.

Now you know why “the West” is so outraged about a Chinese scientists editing the genes of babies.

Dr. He Jiankui may have taken the first steps to reverse-engineer the good parts of Ashkenazi Jews and to use those against them. This is very important research that could either help the goyim in their fight against the Jews or increase the level of Jewishness in the world.

Either way, not good for the Jews.

If Chinese turn into some kind of Ashkenazi mutants after these edits, then the Jews will have competition.

Supercharged Ashkenazi Chinese Merchant ready to out-Jew the Jews.

If the Chinese turn into smarter Chinese, then the Jews will have bigger problems than figuring out the best ways to promote degeneracy in the West.

The research is not likely to benefit Ashkenazi Jews if it revolves around something they already have, so it may only benefit the goyim.

Bottom line is…

The goyim know.

We have an important piece of the puzzle now.

The genetic arms race has begun.

If the Chinese are making their own superhumans, we have to make our own too.

Enhance or perish.

We’re going to create genetically enhanced Space Marines for the Imperium of Man.

There is no place for ethics.

There’s only survival now.