Chinese Research: CIA Made Anime Gay to Weaken Japanese – Will Corona Vaccine Turn Kids Gay Too?

I played this game, Final Fantasy VII, when I was very young. The gayest thing about it, by far, was that it was too long and meandering, with too much time spent looking at long animations in repetitive fights that were very quickly solved in theory.

But the second gayest part of the game, by far, was the gay bathhouse orgy scene, in which the effeminate blonde protagonist submits to a multiracial cluster of beefy, bearish homosexuals.

That made me pretty uncomfortable.

In 1997, it was ahead of its time, and I wondered then what exactly was going on over there in Japan, and what had happened to the samurai culture.

As you would have it, it turns out that this was most likely a plot by glow in the dark CIA niggers.

If you ever suspected that the government secretly plotted to destroy your childhood, you may not have been wrong.

The Times:

Beijing has accused the CIA of secretly fuelling the trend for effeminate or “sissy” celebrities in China.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Cass), one of the country’s leading research institutions, studied China’s booming entertainment industry and its demand for androgynous, coiffed male celebrities, derided in state media as “xiao xian rou” which means “little fresh meat”.

A Cass report accuses the CIA of beginning its campaign to “brainwash” Asian men in Japan in 1962 with the foundation of the Johnny & Associates talent agency.

It claims the agency’s founder, Johnny Kitagawa, was “loyal to the Americans rather than the Japanese” and colluded with the CIA to use “entertainment to brainwash the Japanese people . . . to weaken the male temperament of Japanese society”.

I realize that, on one level, this is funny and outlandish. It is.

But it is also horribly real.

You live in a world of ideas that has been shaped by generational psychological warfare. Demoralization has been the central focus of intelligence services, ever since the Cold War forced them to devote most of their energy into finding ways of weakening the enemy without triggering nuclear war.

There is no reason that the same methods used to make the Japanese population more governable would not be used to make the American population equally more governable. This would be the same story of domestic counterterrorism, in which a system ostensibly set up to police foreigners turned against the native population.

We are now being told that we are prisoners in our own homes until they come up with a vaccine, which will most likely be mandatory (or de facto mandatory, i.e., you can’t work without it). Even if quarantine is lifted before they make a vaccine, they will still eventually deploy one. There will be a huge push to inject everyone, one that will make the flu vaccine push seem mild by comparison.

Personally, if I were in charge of this program, I would use this opportunity to turn everyone, including you, into a retarded homosexual.

Pictured: You, after your mandatory coronaflu vaccine.

Again, I realize that this is outlandish and insane, but so is the world in which we live. So please, let me explain.

In our context of psychological warfare, the obvious question is: why not psycho-chemical warfare? Drug addiction is effectively a social control mechanism, and we are already subjected to another form of this, in the way that our entire food system is contaminated with estrogen-mimicking chemicals.

I don’t think that this effect was planned. I think that you can do whatever you want to do in America, as long as it makes enough money to pay for congressional lobbying, no matter what it does to people.

But, this is where we are now. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, it does the same thing, and they are not stopping these features.

So, how could they achieve this with a vaccine?

A vaccine, in simple terms, injects you with a thing and tells your immune system to attack the thing.

In 2014, it was reported that the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association claimed that it sent six samples of a WHO tetanus vaccine to laboratories in South Africa, and that they all contained a hormone involved in pregnancy.

So, if the local Catholic Church is to be believed over the WHO, they tried to make African women have autoimmune reactions to their own pregnancies.

Pictured: Bill “Niggeraser” Gates, based and redpilled

So, what else could be done to people with induced autoimmunity?

Well, there is something called the fraternal birth order effect on male homosexuality, which is the fact that homosexual males are significantly more likely to have older brothers than not.

Supposedly, this happens because some women develop an autoimmunity to a specific protein (Neuroligin 4 Y-linked protein, NLGN4Y) responsible for male brain differentiation during their previous male pregnancies, and about 15% of male homosexuals owe their disorder to this condition.

So, to begin with, they could just vaccinate everyone against that one protein, and watch women give birth to a brave new generation of unprecedentedly raging queers. This would be the easiest and most obvious target, since this attack surface is already identified and exploited by a natural autoimmune disease.

But, going one step further, I would just vaccinate everyone against every significant Y-linked protein that is only expressed in the brain. In theory, this would be completely safe to do (as long as it didn’t cause acute encephalitis in men) because the victims would still have all their X-linked proteins. Half of the population has brains with no Y-linked protein activity, and the only thing wrong with them is that they are women.

This is a mentally crippling condition, but it is medically survivable.

This would be a better strategy than sterilization, because it would take 13 years for people to realize what had happened, and because they do still need workers, just more compliant ones. It would still cause sterilization through the perverted behavior of the affected generation, unless society would go into full Chad harem single motherhood, but that would also be much easier to manage.

They probably should have done this in Kenya, but that can be a learning experience.

To be clear, the Daily Stormer is not claiming that we think or know that they are going to do this. This publication does not promote conspiracy theories. This article only intends to demonstrate that they have the means, motive, and opportunity to do this.

Only they know what they are going to do.

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As for the rest of you, good luck, and enjoy your mandatory vaccinations.