Chinese People Aren’t Accepting Enough of Blackness, Need More Diversity Propaganda

Diversity Macht Frei
March 13, 2018

Black Panther, a film about a fictional land untouched by whites known as Wakanda, has in the west enjoyed moderate protection from anyone attempting to negatively criticise it. For example, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes vowed to block “anyone who is planning to negatively impact the “Black Panther” fan score out of hate”.

Unfortunately for purveyors of tolerance, the Chinese didn’t get the memo and had a few choice criticisms of the film:

While many reviewers on Douban (Chinese version of Rotten Tomatoes) stopped short of leaving overtly racist comments about the film, many discussed their discomfort of being surrounded by so much blackness.

“Maybe the Chinese are still not used to a film full of black people,” wrote one reviewer… The commenter said he had to pinch himself more than 10 times to stay awake during the movie because “Black Panther is black, all the major characters are black, a lot of scenes are black, the car-chasing scene is black—the blackness has really made me drowsy.”

Another reviewer who came into the theater late made a similar observation: “When I entered the theater, a bunch of black people was fighting in the night… I’ve never been in a theater so dark that I couldn’t find my seat.”

It’s yet another reminder of China’s limited exposure to race. Last month, in the annual Lunar New Year TV gala by China’s state broadcaster CCTV, producers had a Chinese actress in blackface and cast a black actor to play a monkey. In October, a Chinese museum hosted an exhibition titled “This is Africa” that juxtaposed images of black people to animals, including monkeys and cheetahs.

From the exhibition

So the Chinese are “problematic”. Whites also used to have “problematic” attitudes toward race but with the aid of (((psychologists))) and (((propagandists))) with high verbal IQs whites have been cowed. Diversity is just the thing to lower a nation’s natural survival instinct:

Still, Black Panther could be a start for Chinese people to learn about the black culture, argues writer Niesha Davis on Shanghai-based digital publication Sixth Tone. “Exposure to pop culture that encompasses diverse representations of black people can exert a powerful influence on how individuals conceive of them,” Davis wrote.

Maybe it can work on Africans too?

In any event, we don’t need to change the way people conceive of blacks, we have statistics and data that enable us to form opinions without needing to treat every human being as an individual. We should be working on either implementing segregation or actively stopping non-white migration into white countries.