Chinese Lawyer Jimmy Chang’s Notes on China and TheRightStuff.Biz Fed Shills

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2019

Jimmy Chang, Chinese Lawyer

Below are the notes I sent to my lawyer Jimmy Chang, before he appeared on The Ralph Retort this week.

You can listen to the show here:


And now, the notes you’ve been waiting for.



Paul Joseph Watson is the most aggressive ostensibly right-wing supporter of the terrorist movement in Hong Kong.

He basically says “they’re for freedom” and then tells a bunch of lies about China, what we call “anti-Sinoist canards.”

The fundamental argument is that we should support Hong Kong riots and terrorism because of something to do with ideology, or because we personally sympathize with the Hong Kongese.

I don’t personally sympathize with the Hong Kongese, because they are whiny rich kids throwing fits, no different than antifa.

However, even if I did, what does that have to do with anything?

Why should my personal emotions relate to how I view geopolitics? Should geopolitics be about what is practical?

I am an anti-globalist.

My question is: is destabilizing China good for the globalist agenda or bad for the globalist agenda? And no one anywhere can argue that it is bad for the globalist agenda.

It literally is the globalist agenda.

This is the same story we’ve seen six million times with western-backed rebels who are trained at western schools working with the CIA and state department officials.

The Hong Kong uprising is a CIA revolution, the kind which is intended to destabilize and ultimately destroy or replace anti-Western governments with pro-Western governments.

They are usually promoting anal sex and tattoos.

We saw this in:

  • 2003 – Georgia (rose)
  • 2008 – War with Russia
  • 2011 – Arab spring, across most of the middle East
  • 2012 – Syrian civil war
  • 2014 – The Ukraine – Maidan
  • 2018 – Iran
  • 2019 – Venezuela
  • 2019 – China

So, my question for those supporting this is: why are you supporting this and not every other neocon globalist attempt to destabilize the world and replace governments with ZOG-friendly governments?

If you’re some kind of ideological true believer in Hollywood, marijuana, anal sex and tattoo culture, then why would you not support all of these neocon revolutions and wars?

Why specifically China?

And if you’re not some kind of ideological weirdo true believer, then why not simply ask “is this in the interests of my people and my goals?”

No one can argue that it is in the interests of anything other than Washington-based globalism for China to be internally destabilized.

Steve Bannon himself can’t make a coherent argument.

So what are you some kind of little baby, or a woman, deciding your political positions based on your emotions?

I heard someone call in here on Friday saying “people don’t understand that China is just a really shitty country” and he was whining about how they eat dogs or whatever.

So that’s why we should support the CIA overthrowing governments in the name of a one world government? Because you felt a feeling about the Chinese?

Are you a baby?

Do you want Mike Pompeo to send a CIA agent to wipe your ass for you as well, you little baby?

Is China BASED?

Asking if China is based is sort of a dumb question, because they can’t really fit into our paradigm nor can we fit into theirs.

China is a totally alien culture in every sense, no one will ever actually understand it.

But they:

  • Are pro-family
  • Anti-feminism
  • Anti-homosexual
  • Anti-pornography
  • Anti-drugs
  • Anti-corruption
  • Authoritarian
  • Pro science, make decisions based on data
  • Have no concept of political correctness (incapable of processing the concept)
  • Pro-rule of law
  • Pro-freedom
  • View the world in terms of race
  • Have university classes and write books about how America is a country dominated by a certain Levantine tribe
  • Civilized and gentlemanly in orientation

They are pro-abortion but that is because they really place little or no value on individual human life, because they’re Asian.

TRS Issues


Christopher Cantwell is a self-admitted federal informant.

He turned over hours of privately recorded tape and gave testimony to the FBI that is being used to prosecute right wingers.

He is a little cowardly baby who was only going to get a couple of years anyway. He sold out many people.

Since making a deal with the FBI, he’s continually called the FBI on his own listeners, doxed his own listeners, called the CPS to try to have a listener’s kids taken from him.

Paul Nehlen was a psychotic wignat who doxed Ricky Vaughn, one of the most important and useful commenters on the right wing.

As far as the costume people – honestly, I don’t know which ones are feds and which ones are just retards, and it doesn’t really matter to me which is which.

What I know is that taking political ideas which are fundamentally popular and deciding that the way to promote them is to dress up in costumes from 1930s Germany and march through the streets is hurting the political goals of anyone trying to do anything right wing.

And obviously, to not know that, you would have to be borderline retarded, and you wouldn’t be capable of organizing these costume festivals in the first place. So some of these people must be malicious.

We just saw recently that the top costume figure, the head of the NSM, became an anti-racist.

The other top costume people, The Traditionalist Worker Party, were involved in a 2017 trailer park incest spectacle.

TRS Timeline:


  • Promoted them for years on end, more listeners on my site than theirs
  • Almost dropped them because they were promoting costumed freaks, TWP, hosting their podcast (but they stopped)
  • Then the cuckbox broke
  • I started noticing Eric Striker was promoting Matt Parrot on every show

Dropped them when:

  • Eric Striker went on with Paul Nehlen
  • Eric Striker and Alex McNabb did shows with Christopher Cantwell

I completely removed all TRS podcasts, as I do not associate with federal informants and I believe people who do are just as bad.

Mike and Sven claimed they didn’t know Striker and McNabb were rehabilitating feds and doxers, and said it wouldn’t happen again.

All of TRS continued to promote costume people, including all of these people from TWP, as well as other costumed groups.

There were continual positive references to Christopher Cantwell on TRS shows.

Finally, Morrakiu went on Christopher Cantwell’s show and they talked about how great it was they were over “the drama.”

I tried to talk to Mike privately, confronted him about what exactly he is doing sending his people to resurrect Cantwell the federal informant and he blocked me.

I called out TRS publicly for attempting to resurrect the fed Cantwell.

Mike claimed it was all a big mix-up, yet again, they are not trying to resurrect Cantwell.

4chan finds a recording of the TRS chief of security, Jayoh de la Rey (as “Jim Object”), on a 2012 anarchist podcast.

He said:

  • He was an opioid dealer
  • He was a heroin user
  • He was admitted into Harvard
  • He sleeps with trannies
  • He enjoys cutting women during sex
  • His drug spot was swarmed by “40 federal agents in full battle rattle”
  • He was taken to jail and made a deal to become an informant
  • He then escaped to South America by flying out on an anarchist plane below 400 ft to evade radar
  • This is 3 years before he became the head of security for TRS.

And within his story, at some point in that three year period while on the run from the feds after being charged with heroin trafficking, he flew to South Africa to become a mercenary fighting the blacks.

So what the actual heck?

Surely, there are a lot of questions here.

The two possibilities are that the story he told on the podcast is true, which means he must have made some kind of deal with the feds to prevent himself from going to prison for at least a decade for the drug trafficking charges combined with fleeing the country

The other possibility is that he made it up, and then you have to ask why someone would make that up.

You would also assume that his entire goofy story about being a South African mercenary was also made up. Which means that his entire cringe identity as a figure in the “Cringe-Right” was a lie.

So what that would then look like is that he made up two complex fake identities to gain credibility among two fringe groups that the federal government dislikes.

Which would sure as hell make him look like a cop to me.

But here’s where the whole thing collapses.

When I brought up this podcast, and asked Mike Enoch to explain what was going on with his security guy claiming to be a federal informant and heroin dealing, tranny sex fugitive – he initially refused to respond.

And then suggested that for bringing this up, I must be:

  • Mentally ill
  • A possible agent of the SPLC

Apparently this mental illness is a very specific type of mental illness. I publish thousands of words, do interviews, etc., and no one claims that anything I’m saying is insane.

It’s just this one thing that shows I’m mentally ill, this thing where I asked about all of these TRS associations with federal informants.

I guess we can call this “TRS federal informant derangement syndrome.”

So, this is me, the guy who supported them for all of these years, who helped build up their audience, who put my ENTIRE CREDIBILITY ON THE LINE TO DEFEND HIM WHEN HE GOT CAUGHT WITH A SECRET JEWISH WIFE.

And now because I ask what is going on with the guy in charge of everyone’s private information being on a recording saying he’s a federal informant, instead of answering me in private, instead of answering me in public, he makes absolutely baseless allegations accusing me of being a mentally ill SPLC shill.

These are damage control lies. Meaning they are not lies that he thinks everyone will believe. He knows that a certain portion of his audience will know that these are lies.

So he is telling them for the exclusive purpose of attempting to give his lower IQ followers an excuse to keep believing in him.

What is going on?

No one knows what is going on because the entirety of TRS has circled the wagons and gone completely silent on all of this.

We know something is going on, because if there wasn’t something going on, they would simply explain what is going on.

After the whole Cantwell thing, I was on the phone begging Mike Enoch to give me an excuse not to say anything publicly, and he blocked me.

So we can only speculate.

I think that Mike Enoch was entrapped in some way, threatened with jail time for getting caught in a lie to the feds, and he agreed to work with them.

The feds pretend to be your friends, tell you they respect your rights and just want contact with you, then they entrap you. This is how it works. Mike is not street smart, he got entrapped after agreeing to have a “safety contact” with the feds.

I think Jayoh is an actual cop. Not an informant, but a cop.

I do not know how much of this the rest of TRS is aware of, but as far as I’m concerned, they can all see the connections to Cantwell, they can all listen to this Jim Object podcast.

I don’t think any of them are stupid enough to believe that I’m a bad actor trying to sabotage them.

My advice to everyone is to stay the hell away from these people.

I now consider promoting them the biggest regret of my life.